First Post

I was born in 1982 in Kuala Lumpur. I live in KL all my life, except for five years when I studied in Boston. I attended SK Gombak Setia, SM Seri Gombak and MRSM Jasin, Melaka.

I am currently the Managing Director of Ardent Educational Consultants (ArdentEdu), an educational consultancy based in KL. I also serve as the Executive Director at Aidan Corp., the parent company of ArdentEdu. I co-founded the Aidan Group of Companies with four old friends in 2007.

Please visit ArdentEdu website at and the Aidan Group website at

I attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2001 to 2005, and graduated with a degree in Mathematics. I am involved in the International Mathematical Olympiad competition, as a contestant (1999-2001) and as a trainer (2006-now). Mathematics is my amateurish hobby, rather than a professional vocation.

I also enjoy writing. I hope to write a book or publish a newspaper column in the near future.

Write to me at suhaimi at

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