I Love Frank Zappa

I first saw this video in 2003, and yesterday I had the urge to look for this video again. I found it on Youtube. This video is quite long (more than 20 minutes), but I strongly recommend you watch the whole thing.

Zappa is golden in this video. The flubber guy on his left is talking nonsense the whole time. And Bob Novak looked OLD even twenty years ago. hehe.



4 Responses to I Love Frank Zappa

  1. Alyna says:

    dude.. ur video x kuar pun.. just blank jer..

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    must be a problem with your browser…i dont have any problem

    guna mozilla lah apa guna ie 😛

  3. Alyna says:

    dude im using mozilla right now and still takde gak.. at least with IE there was a big blank space right above “WORRRDDDSSSSS”. ni mozilla langsung takde huhuhu

  4. suhaimiramly says:

    Your company block youtube lah tu…tu la surfing lagi masa buat kerja…pemalas btul kekeke

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