Yes to Small Government

I read the news headlines today and I am glad to learn that the Malaysian government is reducing the number of ministries. I have not studied the details as yet, but it is always good news when the government is reducing in size.

Why should government be small?

1. A huge government is a bureaucratic nightmare, where things happen at a speed of molasses.

2. A huge government sucks taxpayers money on unnecessary and nonessential spending.

3. A huge government invades our personal liberty and economic freedom.

4. A huge government means huge power, and it is an axiom of human nature that power corrupts.

5. A huge government is a refuge of incompetent deadwoods, whose reason for working in government is because they are not employable elsewhere, not because they want to serve the people.

6. A huge government will inevitably get its hands on issues which is not their business in the first place.

7. A huge government will inevitably disrupt the free market.

8. A huge government will limit the role of civil society.

9. A huge government will spoil the citizens, who will depend on the government for everything. Citizens sucking on the teats of government will not be productive.

10. A huge government means higher taxes, and lower accountability.

Any dissenting opinions, please voice out in the comment.


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