Short Updates 1

My good friend and former employee Hafiz has started a blog at

He used to maintain a very popular blog at, which went out of business in 2006.


Please also check out the opinion piece written by my friend Melati (T-Rex): Flying Under Cover.

The piece was first published in the International Herald Tribune; unfortunately the original link to IHT is not working anymore. According to The New York Times (which owns IHT), “[w]e are in the process of moving IHT articles dating back to 1991 over to”

That’s one great piece of writing. Well done, Melat! How long did you take to come up with the clever title?


4 Responses to Short Updates 1

  1. syukran jazilan. nanti ana belanja enta dua biji tamar.

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    KFC pun bagi 3 biji tamar kalau bukak puasa kat situ (ikut sunnah hehe)

  3. :mode pak wahab:

    enta ada hadith sohih kah?

    :mode off:


  4. suhaimiramly says:

    tanya ustaz colonel sanders

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