Films I Like

This is a new feature where I write about films I like.

First of all, I am not a film buff. I’m just a regular guy who like to watch films. I am not interested in postmodern hocus-pocus about symbolism and deeper meaning in films.

Watching films used to be my hobby during my undergraduate days, and I was a member of my college film club. I don’t watch as many films nowadays. It’s an expensive hobby here in Malaysia – buying original DVDs of classics is too expensive (not worth it if I’m going to watch a film just once) and there is no online rental service like Netflix.

I try not to be too pretentious in my choice of films. There will be no foreign films that nobody ever watched. I also try to avoid films that belongs to every list of “all-time best films” like The Godfather and Casablanca; too many people have said too many things about them already.

I will write about films that connects to me personally. The only judge is me. It doesn’t matter if it’s good, if it’s bad, if it’s corny, if it’s deep, if it sucks, if it received good or bad reviews from critics, if it has won Oscars, if it has big stars in it, or if it’s in “best films” lists – if I like it, it’s in. I might like a film because of an unforgettable scene, or an unforgettable line, or because my favorite actor / actress is in it, or simply because it made me smile when the credits roll.

This is not a film review. Do not expect any new angle on the story or me “getting” obscure references. I don’t have the DVDs of the films now so I will pretty much write from memory. It’s been some time since I’ve seen some of the films so I’ll probably mix up some of the scenes. If you’re looking for accuracy, look elsewhere.

I will start with the series with my favorite road movie, Paper Moon (1973).


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