Personal Projects at ArdentEdu

In my previous entry, Personal Projects, I wrote about working on side projects outside your daily job. Having personal projects will provide you with a sense of satisfaction, bolster your creativity, and bring in extra income (although side projects should not be pursued because of money alone — monetization takes time).

At Aidan, we take this idea seriously. Often during lunchtime we discuss about what each of us are working on. The projects remain private, but we solicit ideas from each other.

Iznan has written about one of his personal projects, My Hospital, at the Aidan Directors Blog. Check it out.

Fazdlee runs a one-man, freelance graphic design business. Go to his websites The Guy who Designs Stuff and Wedding Card DIY. Also, please visit his blog.

The main motivator for personal projects is passion. You should pursue something you love to do, something you like others to enjoy. Do not worry whether the final product is marketable or monetizable, rather concentrate on doing awesome work. You have practically unlimited time to work on your project to make it as perfect as possible. Whether you are writing a book, writing a software, or coding the next Facebook / Twitter / Web X.0 app, make it a labor of love.

Remember, every great thing comes from one person’s effort.


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