Favorite Ad #3

This is the third ad in the series, after the Volkswagen and Wendy’s ads.

Behold, the GTA Coca-Cola ad:

For those who do not play video games, GTA is one of the top-selling video game franchises of all time. The first part of the ad makes reference to trademark GTA gameplay — driving like maniac, robbing stores, and executing GTA (grand theft auto) by stopping drivers on their tracks.

I like this ad because:

It panders to people who play GTA (like, all teenage boys). Example of spot-on targeted marketing.

I have seen the film “Bugsy Malone”. The “give a little love” song is from the final scene of this gangster musical.

Attention to details. GTA-like driving map in the beginning, the interior of Heung’s Mini Market, small inside jokes like keeping fire extinguisher in his jacket (playable characters in GTA “carry” huge weapons like chainsaws, samurai sword and rocket launcher, and can rotate between these at will.)


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