Sleep Early

Throughout my life, I always have this bad habit of sleeping late. I have always been a night owl. From now on, I plan to go to bed and put off the light at 10.30pm, sharp.

Why is it good to sleep early?

  1. You will wake up early the next day without feeling groggy. Sleeping after subuh is a great productivity killer.
  2. The air is fresher in the morning. It gets very hot in KL by 9am.
  3. Whatever work you could have done at late night, can be done early morning, when you feel fresher and more energized.
  4. Not feeling sleepy at work the next day. I used to have this problem of always feeling sleepy during daytime. My former boss used to chastise me for sleeping during seminars and talks. This is due to my unhealthy late night Internet surfing / reading habits.

I usually leave home for office at 10am, but now I go out at 8am.

Being a night person is overrated. From now on, I will join the other side, the more productive group of morning persons.

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