I’m Beck

one of the best guitar album of all time

one of the best guitar albums of all time

I am going to start updating again so do come in more frequently…heh

In short, interesting things that happened since the last update:

1. Went to Bremen, Germany for two weeks to attend the 2009 International Mathematical Olympiad. This is my first time attending the IMO as a Jury member.

The trip was ok — the highlight is a visit to a concentration camp in Hamburg.

2. Went to Brunei and was invited to address the officers at the Brunei Ministry of Education. Many thanks to my gracious host Dr. Saiful from Universiti Brunei Darussalam for making my brief stay very enjoyable.

3. Book sales went very well; currently it is on sale in Indonesia (thanks Fazdlee and Pak Polmas Sihombong). Currently working on Volumes 2 to 4. Hope to get it all finished and edited before Raya.

4. Berita Minggu profile on Bal:


This appeared last weekend. Since I do not subscribe to Berita — my family read Utusan and I read only online news — I only learned about this later in the evening. Thanks to all who sent in wishes, and also to Abg Azis for the glowing profile.

5. New project kickoff for JAS Technologies — a “part-time” outfit I founded with Jalil and Akmal (hence JAS, which sounds lot better than JAB). I will update soon once I get greenlight from Akmal.

Other than that, nothing much happened. Iznan just got back from his annual Islamic missionary trip to Penang and Fazdlee went for a vacation in July so the office was pretty much dormant in much of July and August. Now that everyone is back, we can’t wait to get busy again and I am very excited!


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  1. ikhwan says:

    Welcome beck!

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