Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter life crisis occurs when you are pushing the quarter century milestone, and feel like you have not done enough with your life.

While this is much less severe than the dreaded midlife crisis, some people do feel depressed because they were not able to change the world with all their youthful wisdom. They feel misunderstood and that their genius are not appreciated by the unwashed masses, who are all cogs in a machine / slave to the big brother but me, me! I am the genius of my generation hey lookat me.

I laugh my ass off when people my age (who has been in the workforce for a grand total of four fuckin’ years, and who were still underage 10 years ago) complain that they have not made any difference in the world yet, as if everyone was born to write operatta at age 18 and win the Nobel Prize at age 23.

My advice: chill the fuck up, enjoy life, and play a little more of this Life game before you talk about “achievement”.

How to deal with quarter-life crisis:

1. Realize that young people know nothing. Do you sometimes feel the urge to timetravel back to 10 years ago, and smack the younger you on the head for doing some stupid shit? That’s how the real adults feel about us. You know nothing, and your opinions are worthless. The earlier you realize this, the better.

2. Chant this mantra 11 times before you brush your teeth every morning, and 17 times before you brush your teeth at night: “College doesn’t teach me shit about the real world”.

3. Stop talking too much and learn to listen. Especially to people who are older. Yes, I know that age is not everything — i’m not saying you can learn anything from them, but at least you’ll learn to shut up.

4. Look at your parents, and imagine 30 years ago when they were young, carefree, and idealistic. Look at them now. They look boring. That is because they had to make a living, and pay bills, and deal with life’s little problems, and put a roof over your head. That’s what you are going to become as well. Boring.

This is inevitable.

5. Do not rush to “change the world”. Nobody buys that hype anymore. The only way you can really change the world is by doing what others are doing: lots of work. Sounds boring, but that’s the way it is.

6. Please have a seat. I am going to tell you something that nobody ever told you before. Nobody gives a shit about your “self-discovery” trip to the Himalaya. You did not become wiser by it, in fact you became more annoying with all your Eastern mysticism claptrap mumbo jumbo. Shut up, nobody is impressed by your ability to live like a hobo in a foreign land. Take a shower and get a real job.


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