New Links

I have added some new links.


Firdaus Ahmad used to follow my old blog in college; we became real-life friends after I graduated and returned to KL. I had lunch with him almost every day when I used to work at KLCC.

Ustaz Amin runs Yayasan Al-Ijabah, a charity organization which operates, among others, an orphanage, a private school complex, and a shelter for people with HIV. He is a practicing lawyer, specializing in Islamic law.

Ibnu Hasyim is a veteran politician and writer, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of the largest opposition party in Malaysia.


Tim Gowers and Terry Tao are two of the most brilliant mathematicians of our generation. Tim Gowers is the founder of Tricki, “a repository of mathematical know-how”.


2 Responses to New Links

  1. fdaus says:

    ko ada archive tak blog masa kolej dulu?

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    Aiseh takde la pulak hehe…dewa kebaikan ada simpan kut

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