Linkdump Friday 2

Now for another installment of Dinklump Friday, where I share random links from my bookmarks.

(Disclaimer: I do not advocate the content of these sites nor the viewpoints expressed therein.)

Linkdump commence!

  • Ecce Libano. An erudite blogger from Lebanon.
  • Failure Magazine. A magazine about failure.
  • Perez Hilton. A Hollywood gossip blog.
  • Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science. Stephen Wolfram is the founder of Wolfram, the company that made the Mathematica software and Wolfram Alpha search engine. ANKOS is his magnum opus, in which he elaborates a novel, finitistic approach to science. Wolfram is a brilliant scientist (in addition to a successful businessman), but some scientists are of the opinion that he’s a little bit of a crank due to his highly unorthodox methodology and some grandiose claims he had made in the past.
  • McSweeney’s. My favorite online literary journal.



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