Linkdump Friday 3

Another installment of Frinkdump Liday, where I share random links from my bookmarks. I have bookmarked more than 2500 links which I collected since 1999.

(Disclaimer: I do not advocate the content of these sites nor the viewpoints expressed therein.)

Without further ado:

  • Gurindam Dua Belas Raja Ali Haji. Malay high literature.
  • Investopedia. A comprehensive resource for finance and investment basics. You should trawl Investopedia for hours before you spend your first Ringgit in investment.
  • Grow Singapore. I couldn’t care less whether Singapore economy grows or not, but this site ended up in my bookmark because the guy who runs the website is my good friend from MIT. Hello, Mark!
  • Universiti Terbuka PTS. PTS is the Malay company I admire most, and I have nothing but respect for the Sifu, Puan Ainon Mohd. I made the decision to become an entrepreneur after reading her book “Memulakan Bisnes Sendiri” in 2007. Trust me, what she says in the book is exactly what happens to new entrepreneurs in Malaysia. So anybody who plans to start a business in Malaysia should swallow his ego and read a Malay language business book that tells it like it is. In UNIKA PTS, Ainon shares plenty of business wisdom and tips for new writers and publishers.
  • Aqidah Tahawiyyah. Islamic creed.

2 Responses to Linkdump Friday 3

  1. fdaus says:

    Dah balik malaysia ka?

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