Dibbuk Box

Deliciously creepy and supposedly real story: http://www.dibbukbox.com/

Ada orang tanya saya, kenapa suka sangat cerita hantu & benda2 yang menakutkan. That would be another post — why I like horror and creepy stuff. I also have seen plenty of gore and graphic stuff (but I don’t like them). I have an EXTREMELY high tolerance of scary and shocking stuff. The things you say are scary — e.g. Blair Witch — or the things you say are shocking / disgusting / nauseating — e.g. Cannibal Holocaust (fake), Faces of Death (fake too) — I just laugh at them. I’ve seen much scarier films, and I’ve seen much much much much much much more explicit and shocking videos. Trust me ;). Of course I won’t link them here; you guys have delicate stomach and will get sick. You will throw up by just listening to me explain about the videos :P.

Ada orang tanya, pernah jumpa hantu ke? Jawapan: hantu tidak wujud.


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