Jani’s at the Mercy of Her Mind

I usually do not link to long stories, but please, please read this one. This story is about a 6-year-old kid who has schizophrenia. I’ve met a few adults with schizo, and I have nothing but sympathy for them. But the case of this kid, January (Jani) Schofield, is nothing less than heart rendering.

Jani’s at the mercy of her mind (LA Times).

I love this story for two reasons. First, I am a sucker for really sad stories (one of my favorite stories is the Washington Post feature on Eugene Allen, who worked as a White House butler for 34 years. This story has one of the saddest ending ever). Second, the ending is epic creepy. And I LOVE creepy.

Visit Jani’s personal website, maintained by her father: Jani’s Journey.


2 Responses to Jani’s at the Mercy of Her Mind

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  2. dian says:

    She was featured on Oprah Show

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