Aidan Blog

Please visit the Aidan Blog. Aidan Blog is a corporate blog maintained by the people in Aidan Group. Aidan Group is a group of companies formed by five schoolmates, one of them being me. There are four companies in the Aidan group, and I run two of them: Ardent Educational Consultants and Aidan Corporation. The core businesses of Aidan Group are IT, trading, and educational consultancy.

Five of us update the Aidan Blog: Alif, Akmal, Iznan, Khairul (Bird), and myself.

(Thank you to all my readers. I get around 600-1,000 visitors a day, and the number has been growing steadily. Perhaps this has something to do with my frequent updates; for example, I have a new entry every single day in November, except for one. So remember guys, to grow your readership organically, update frequently!)


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