Ardent Edukit

Ardent EdukitTM is a revolutionary line of educational science toys and kits developed by Ardent Educational Consultants, a company based in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.

For many years, Ardent Educational Consultants has been on the forefront to deliver groundbreaking science modules and programs to local primary and secondary schools.

Now, through our broad experience and research, we have taken one big step forward to introduce an effective and unconventional way for children and teenagers to nurture their interest in science education.

Ardent EdukitTM products are the first of their kinds in Malaysia.

Recently Launched Product : Ardent Gooey Slime Edukit (Retail price: MYR 28.90)

Learn basic chemistry and polymer while making gooey slimy slime with this fun and child-safe experiment kit.

Fun and exciting way to expose students and children about chemistry.

Chemicals used are 100% child safe and non-hazardous.

The similar activity can be seen performaed by kids in USA on this following video:

This kit is sold for MYR 28.90 per box which is good for at least 10 runs of the experiment.

To order, please contact us at 03-4147 3985 or email to us at (for the time being, the product is only available through direct orders).

Each box contains 350ml of liquid polyvinyl alcohol and 120ml of liquid Borax, a plastic cup, 2 pipettes, 5 mixing sticks, 10 resealable bags and an instruction sheet.

Borax (left) and PVA

Full content of one box

Order yours now!


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