I’ve heard good things about this movie from the /x/philes at the 4chan /x/ (paranormal) board. Therefore I decided to give it a try. Fortunately for me, the whole movie is available on Youtube. So two days ago I downloaded the whole movie in FLV. This is faster than downloading it in other video format from torrent sites. It’s not like quality matters much for a handycam mockumentary (think Blair Witch). In fact, it kind of defeats the purpose to watch shakycam footage in HQ.

I downloaded all eleven files in about two hours, no thanks to slow wireless connection. After finishing with the download, I invited my sisters and brothers-in-law to join in the fun. I turned off the light and plugged my laptop to the widescreen TV in the living room. Since it was quite late, some of them excused themselves and went to bed. I was left with my eldest sister, who is easily spooked. She only lasted the first 20 minutes of the movie, when she suddenly announced that she’s going to bed and it would be better to continue the next day since she needs to get up early the next day (eleh, takut ker? :P)

I managed to get the whole family to watch it the next day. The screening started at 10pm. I have been planning a family horror night for a few months already, so I was happy I finally got them to join in. My parents went to bed after half an hour — not their type of film, I guess — and I was left with my two sisters who are easily spooked. My nephews and nieces were wide awake and were playing loudly around us, so the spook factor was lowered somewhat.

Well, Noroi is a good film, and some scenes are decent, but I cannot say that it is very scary overall. It’s a bundle of cheap thrills and clichĂ©d horror tropes with some good editing. The so-called climax is disappointing, frankly. The film builds up too much for the first 100 minutes you’d think with all the foreplay the money shot would come in buckets. Instead all I got was some pathetic spurt of PME, and after the final credits rolled, I was left with a feeling of “WTF?” rather than the feeling of dread and paranoia. In fact, the movie didn’t stay with me at all; I totally forgot about it within the next hour. Attention, horror filmmakers: horror films are supposed to stick in your mind a looooooong while after you’re finished with them. If not, then you’ve FAILED. Sorry Noroi, you just ruined a family horror night. I expected something that would make me shit bricks. Even my sisters (who are easily spooked) barely fidgeted.

Noroi in Wikipedia

Noroi review by Mandi Apple


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