The eXile Guide to Aging

I have been reading The eXiled (formerly known as The eXile) ever since they were an underground leftist anti-Russian government newspaper based in Moscow ran by some American expatriates — the so-called Exiles.

A few years ago, the Putin government — who were never too comfortable with independent Western media — shut down the paper, and The eXile were forced to flee Russia. To reflect this second exile, they changed their name to The eXiled.

I am no leftie, and I have no strong opinion one way or the other on the issue of Russian politics, but I enjoy reading The eXile/d because they have good writers: Mark Ames, John Dolan, Matt Taibbi, Gary Brecher, among others. I like the columns as well (my favorite is War Nerd).

The new eXiled Online site is more sterile then the dank, kitschy, underground eXile, but the anger is still very much there. The writers are hardcore leftists (as a complete disclosure, I repeat that I am no symphatizer to the leftist cause), and have called for Soviet-style putsch of the Wall Street fat cats and the ruling elites — more so in the Bush administration.

I do not particularly enjoy these “Class Wars” articles. However, eXile writers can be brilliant when writing about other subjects.

Few days back, they published an article they originally ran in 2002, written by John Dolan. I read this article as a college freshman, and memories came flooding back (I was more impressionable back then, definitely much more open politically and I used to read MUCH MUCH more than I do today). The article is called The eXile Guide to Aging. Read it and weep.


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