Suddenly things are picking up in the office. Few updates:

1. ArdentEdu is organizing a four-day Math Olympiad Prep Course at the International Youth Centre (IYC), Bandar Tun Razak, KL. This is the second course we organized during this school holiday, which is targeted towards more advanced students (i.e., students with significant prior exposure to mathematical problem solving). The beginner course took place two weeks ago. National Olympians Tham Ying Hong and Nik Faris assisted as facilitators. Students who attended our courses are invited to participate in the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns competition, one of the largest mathematics competition in the world, of which ArdentEdu is the local organizer.

More details about the Tournament of Towns here: http://www.amt.canberra.edu.au/imtot.html

2. ArdentEdu is currently in a midst of a full-blown media blitz for our new product line, Ardent Edukit (TM). Last week, we visited (more like gate-crashed) major news dailies and made cold calls to television stations to promote our products. We received very encouraging response: Fazdlee and Iznan will appear on TV3 tomorrow morning on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI). They will be on air at about 7.30am for a live interview. Please tune in!

Other newspapers have scheduled for interviews at our office. Fazdlee and Iznan are handling all media and PR matters very well. Thanks guys.

Iznan wrote in the Aidan Blog about crashing the media to promote your company: http://blog.aidan.com.my/2009/12/crash-them/. Say goodbye to boring, old-fashioned press release.

Fazdlee’s brief recap of ArdentEdu media schedule this week: http://fazdleeisa.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/my-media-meeting-schedule-this-week/

3. On 18th to 22nd December, I will be in UiTM Shah Alam for the International Mathematical Olympiad 2010 (IMO 2010) Training Camp. Persatuan Sains Matematik Malaysia (PERSAMA) have selected 40 top math students from all over the country. We will feed them with a steady diet of math lectures and problems during this camp. Only 20 students will advance to the next round. Ultimately, only 6 students will be shortlisted to represent the country in IMO 2010 which will take place in Kazahstan in July.

4. As usual in December, I was flooded with requests for MIT interviews. This year, fortunately, my interview burden is slightly lighter than that of previous years. I have 12 candidates scheduled for interviews on 17th and 23rd December.

5. Going to expand the business lengthwise and sideways. Jalil is scheduling a meeting with MATRADE officers to discuss further about our international trading business. Jalil, Luqman and myself have registered a company, Dentuman Niaga, specifically for this venture, and currently we are doing the legwork needed before we open our first trading post.

Fazdlee and Akmal have been throwing out some ideas to expand ArdentEdu, which I have no doubt will materialize next year (Fazdlee is very good in executing ideas). I will give out details in due time.

6. Jalil invited me to join him on a trip to Guangzhou or Yiwu in January. May consider.

7. Currently writing and editing few books. I have two books completed (editing editing hum hum), and have started working on four more.

In short, busy days. God, I love busy days.


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