ArdentEdu in MHI

Just now at about 7.45am Fazdlee and Iznan appeared on MHI to talk about our product line, Ardent Edukit(tm). This is ArdentEdu’s first major media appearance, where F&I demonstrated the use of Ardent Edukit(tm) to hosts Ally Iskandar and Abby (great hosts, by the way). They did great, and the hosts seemed genuinely interested in the products. They even played with our Gooey Slime and CSI kit on air.

Habis lah lepas ni sure beratus2 call masuk ofis sehari…siap la fazdlee nak menjawab hehehe

Upside: more publicity for the company (siaplah video ni akan kujaja ke mana2), more products sold which means more $$$$…

Videos will be posted once available.

I am very proud of you guys!


2 Responses to ArdentEdu in MHI

  1. ajan says:

    congratulations. Good job done.

  2. FazdleeIsa says:

    actually, hari nih iznan yang menerima bala tugasan mengangkat telefon..huhuhu…macam nak berasap handphone dier org call….but mostly budak2 yg call…hehehehe…

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