The Onion

I have been reading The Onion regularly for the last ten years. The Onion is arguably the most well-known (and most well-written, and to a certain extent, funniest) satire newspaper in the US. The Onion is known for its news headlines which can be really LOL funny when it’s funny but kinda meh when it’s not; the current Onion headline belongs to the latter.

I cannot imagine the pressure on the Onion writers to come up with brilliant headlines every week to match the legendary Onion headlines of yore:

  • Drugs Win War on Drugs
  • Secondhand Smoke Linked to Secondhand Coolness
  • Standard Deviation Not Enough for Perverted Statistician
  • Columbine Jocks Safely Resume Bullying
  • Gay Couple Enjoys Banal Sex
  • World’s Largest Metaphor Strikes Iceberg, Sinks (referring to Titanic. -SR)
  • Unregistered Sex Offender Decides To Notify Neighbors In His Own Way
  • Rest Of U2 Perfectly Fine With Africans Starving

…and many more (Google “onion headlines” for more).

Akmal wrote about The Onion in Aidan Blog:

One of my favorite Onion articles is

The Onion also published a collection of faux historical news headlines. I highly recommend this book if you enjoy satire as much as I do.


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