ArdentEdu in Malaysia Hari ini (MHI), TV3 — 8th December 2009

On 8th December 2009, my company, ArdentEdu was featured on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on TV3. Iznan and Fazdlee went on air for about 20 minutes, talking to MHI hosts Abby Fana and Ally Iskandar about our new product line, Ardent Edukit ™. This is our first major media appearance.

After they finished the interview, Iznan called me to give reports. Within thirty minutes after they went off air, he received more than sixty calls and text messages from people who are interested in our products. He spent the whole day returning those calls.

Entry and photos taken from Fazdlee’s blog:


Just some photos from this morning…

Couldn’t get any photowith Abby Fana and Ally Iskandar…they were still on air right after we were done.

Thanks to Mr. Producer, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya for inviting us :-) He was really really friendly. We had breakfast with him after the show.

Doing some powdering…LOL!

Iznan being touched up

Abby Fana & Ally Iskandar

On air

On air still

Before leaving Sri Pentas



2 Responses to ArdentEdu in Malaysia Hari ini (MHI), TV3 — 8th December 2009

  1. fdaus says:

    Tahinah geng!!!

    InsyaAllah..berkat kesabaran dan orang boleh terus berjaya!!!

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    thanks firdaus, bila nih kata nak jumpa tak jumpa2

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