Tarako Kewpie

Tarako Kewpie

What is Tarako Kewpie? Tarako Kewpie is a cute mascot created by a Japanese food company to sell pasta sauce. Origin of Tarako Kewpie.

Although it is cute, Tarako Kewpie is also creepy, and like many things Japanese, weird as hell.

See these ads featuring little tarako kewpies terrorizing small girls who just want to eat their pasta:

Tarako Kewpies on the street:

You can actually sell food to children by freaking them out.

Tarako, tarako, lalalala tarako… lyrics of the Tarako song


4 Responses to Tarako Kewpie

  1. suhaimiramly says:

    I just realized that all the girls in the ads (except the last one) are white. are there something about white people the japanese hate so much they like to terrorize their young children? lol

  2. Great site Iím happy I stumbled onto it through my friendís blog. Going to need to add another blog to the morning routine

  3. Lala tsao says:

    Where can I buy this doll? The biggest one…

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