Minor Update

I’ve added a new page: Malaysia IMO 2010 Training, and changed the theme. Sorry for the small font, I don’t like it either but bear with me for a while until I come across a better theme.

Fazdlee wrote about ArdentEdu first Science icon which is gonna be…Fazdlee. But in cartoon form. ArdentEdu will maintain science columns for kids in Utusan and Kosmo. Fazdlee will write the columns as Abang Fazdlee, which is kind of like a Malaysian Bill Nye or Steve Spangler. Here are preliminary sketches of Abang Fazdlee. I hope the Utusan graphic department won’t screw this one up.

ArdentEdu did not appear in Berita Minggu today; perhaps next week. So guys, grab your Berita Minggu the first thing next weekend!

ArdentEdu will have our annual Strategy Meeting next Wednesday. The Strategy Meeting is a meeting where we plan our strategy for next year. As a new company, strategy is something fluid and dynamic, it changes many times depending on the situation, so it is kinda pointless to plan more than one year ahead. When I look back at ArdentEdu in 2007 and 2008, I had a totally different idea of what the company will look like today. Changes are good. So far, everything that happens to the company had exceeded my expectations.

A company usually takes 5 to 7 years to be stable, that is, a well-defined company with a certain focus or core business. A new company tends to take many forms — in three years, ArdentEdu have been a program organizer, a product developer, a book publisher, a GLC contractor, even a machine parts provider and a software vendor. We could not survive, cashwise, if we concentrated on doing one thing only, which is how a large company operates. So it is important to be nimble and flexible. Anything that makes money is good. In another five years, we may talk “core business” and “focus”.

It takes a lot of hard work to build a company. An entrepreneur should be a jack of all trades. Running a business (especially a start-up) requires you to do a lot of work yourself — keeping books, managing cashflow, dealing with legal issues, pitching to investors, doing sales and marketing, doing PR and publicity, keeping files and documents in order, hiring and training employees, making proposals, and maintaining the office (yes, cleaning the pantry and vacuuming the floor included). One needs high energy and motivation to run a small business successfully. The corollary to that is small business owners are some of the most colorful and lively people around. I prefer to hang out with small business owners and startup entrepreneurs any day rather than hanging out with boring corporate drones whose lives are nothing more than a clockwork of work and sleep.


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