1. I am currently at Fakulti Sains Komputer & Sains Matematik UiTM Shah Alam for the IMO 2010 Training Camp. Forty students are invited to this camp, and they are divided into two groups according to their experience and mathematical skills. I am in charge of the senior team, who are composed of students who have attended the IMO 2009 training camps.

Later this afternoon, the Prime Minister will be in UiTM to officiate a program. I am expecting a big crowd in UiTM today.

2. Tahniah to my dear friend and former roommate at INTEC, Hafiz Yusof (Lan), who got married last month. I will be attending his kenduri kahwin later this afternoon.

3. Thank you to all who read and commented at my Orang Bisnes yang Sampah article. It is the most popular post in this blog, getting more than 100 hits a day (counting those who read it on the permalink, not those who read it on the front page).

4. My former classmate at INTEC, Ijan (qruwix) has started a new blog. Please pay her blog a visit.


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