For me, weekends are no different than weekdays. I usually wake up at the same time on weekends as on other days, so that cancels out the advantage of sleeping late on weekends (which is why other people love weekends). My schedule is exactly the same weekend or not — sometimes I go to office on weekends, sometimes I choose not to go to work on work days if I don’t feel like it 😛 (jangan jeles).

Now, with all the jobs piling up in the office, office hours are not optional for me anymore (as it was throughout 2009, when there were little to do in the office). That said, I am usually at my most productive at home, on my bed — since I have all references around me and I seem to work faster when I am relaxed. That is why I support telecommuting (work at home). Kudos to the government for considering telecommuting for their staff. I read in a newspaper today that telecommuting is being implemented at JKR as a pilot project.

Coming back to weekends, I really don’t feel any different during weekends. After ASTRO, there is nothing to wait for on weekends since every weekend shows (e.g. CSI) will be reran on weekdays. Of course there are weddings and family gatherings, but those are few and far between. I usually go out for shopping, movies, eating out etc. on weekdays, not weekends, since there are smaller crowds and you don’t have to wait in a long line for anything. The problem is getting someone to go out with you since everyone is working. I usually stay home on weekends, doing things like writing my books, cleaning my room, or simply planning for the next work week. On my slackest weekends I would play computer games for hours.

This weekend I have two plans. To go to Melaka to meet my friend, and to go to Kota Baru to attend Aqla’s wedding. Aqla is a good friend from my INTEC days. We traveled together for a few months after we graduated in 2005. He graduated from University of Minnesota. At the beginning of the trip, he was supposed to fly in from Minneapolis to Boston, and meet me there. However, he missed his flight from Minneapolis to Boston. I waited for him in Boston, afraid that he might not able to make the connection (we were going to Milan, and there was only 2 hours between his arrival in Boston and departure to Milan). After I saw no trace of him at the Boston Airport, I decided to go back to the international flight section to check in to Milan and leave Aqla behind. After I got in the car to go to international check-in, I felt something inside me (sixth sense??). I told the driver to turn back, so I can make a final check of Aqla. Sure enough, he came out panicking the moment I decided to come back in the airport (he caught the next flight to Boston), and we both rushed to the Alitalia check in counter. We managed to check in on time, and enjoyed our flight to Italy. I have not seen Aqla for 4 years, so we spent the whole time chatting. I have not met him for many years after we got back from the trip. Can’t wait to see him this weekend. Congratulations Aqla!


6 Responses to Weekends

  1. samah says:

    bal… kirim salam aku kat aqla…

  2. unmotivated says:

    hi bal. I have bought your books but in my personal opinion, I find it very difficult to do even the exercise.(naybe I am just too dumb). How to self-study this book? I think you should have provided the answer for the exercise. After a few attempts….my motivation is gone.

  3. suhaimiramly says:

    I will put the answers to the exercises at this link in the future, but it’s not high on my priority list right now:

    The BoMO series are meant to be concise, it needs a lot of effort on the part of the student to work on the details with paper and pencil. That is part of Olympiad training — no olympiad books are straightforward like a KBSM textbook. For more detailed treatment of problem solving I’d suggest “The Art and Craft of Problem Solving” by Paul Zeitz (which is not easy reading, but more detailed).

  4. unmotivated says:

    well, I will give you a metaphor. The BoMO series is like a guide who shows the tip of the iceberg to an amateur swimmer and ask him to find the remaining portion of the iceberg under the water by himself. The problem is that the amateur swimmer reaches to the bottom of the iceberg and have no skill to surface and hence,he is lost forever.
    I hope you will give the answer for the “exercise” section so that we know whether our skills are right before surveying the depth in the “problems” section. If not,all will end in davy jones locker.=)
    thank you.

  5. suhaimiramly says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to complete the answer to BoMO exercises in about a month or so.

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