Minor Tweaks

(Update: I added an RSS Feed as well, thanks Ikhwan for the suggestion.)

I have placed one new widget on the right: email subscription. I don’t know if anyone would use it (I’ve personally never subscribed to a blog or an RSS feed) but it’s worth a try if you prefer to receive my entries in your email. Blogspot blogs have Google Connect which I’d like to put on here, but is not available for WordPress unfortunately. I update this blog daily so you don’t have to come here often if you subscribe this blog through your email.

I change my mind: no. Please come here often and keep driving up traffic to my site 😛

Speaking about traffic, I got about 400 hits yesterday for the “Al-Kisah di Iran” entry. It’s a bit embarassing to know that many people have actually read my silly story. Thanks Shahabudeen Jalil and Ibnu Hasyim for linking to the entry.

This is how an AK-47 looks like:

(credit: Wikipedia)


4 Responses to Minor Tweaks

  1. Ikhwan says:

    If you follow a lot of blogs, I recommend using RSS feeds. Pretty handy, all new entries in one place. I’m using Google Reader myself. My next important thing after GMail.

  2. hafiz says:

    lawak cite ko nih..tahan gelak sampai nk terkincit..

  3. z@m says:

    dah subscribe. In fact i subscribe to a lot of blogs via email so senang, everyday bukak email suma dah ready utk dibaca.

  4. suhaimiramly says:

    Ikhwan, thanks for the idea. I will put it up later today.

    Zam, that sounds good for productivity, perhaps i should try it.

    hafiz, kekekeke…

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