1. Recently I have been writing a lot about science and pseudoscience. From now on, I’d like to make this a recurring theme in my blog. I have always wanted to speak out against cranks and con men who manufacture and sell pseudoscientific products (with a high price tag) to the gullible public using hot air and exaggerated promises.

I expect to make a few enemies among people who sell magnetic field bracelet, RO water / smart pills peddlers, faith healers, homeopathy “doctors” etc., and also their followers. I’m not afraid, bring it on!

The scientific skeptic movement has never been widespread in Malaysia. As far as I know, there has not been an organization which focuses on disseminating skeptical scientific inquiry in Malaysia. I hope my small effort here will increase (in a small way) the spirit of scientific inquiry among my fellow Malaysians. Also, I hope that one day, the government will step in to regulate or outright ban the sales of pseudoscientific contraptions bearing exaggerated claims backed by a lot of mumbo-jumbo and zero science.

I am a believer in free market, and I believe people are free to sell or buy whatever they like with minimal regulations. However, I draw the line at people selling RM1200 magnetic bracelet to gullible housewives who believe that wearing the bracelet will align their natural aura with the cosmic chakra or whatever woo-woo the salesmen come up with. Now we are talking fraud.

New tag: Pseudoscience.

2. In the IMO training page, there is a list of 17 students who have been shortlisted to represent the country in the Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad (APMO) contest in March. Congratulations to all of you. You have one month to prepare for the competition. Make the country proud! Also, don’t forget to send in your homework assignment after the CNY holiday. All homework assignments will be posted on the page.

For other students, if you are interested to learn how to solve Math Olympiad problems, ArdentEdu will organize a short course during this upcoming school holiday. Details at http://mopc.ardentedu.com.

3. I switched off my Google Buzz indefinitely. After tinkering with it for one day, I’ve decided that I won’t be using it anymore. No benefit for me.


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