James Randi & Richard Dawkins Explain Homeopathy

After you’re done with these two intelligent guys, please watch this hilariously dumb talk given by a homeopathy “doctor” (keep the annotations on for maximum comical impact):


4 Responses to James Randi & Richard Dawkins Explain Homeopathy

  1. Syarif says:

    Hi Bal,it’s Syarif ex-batchmate in MRSMJ. Good job with your entries on pseudoscience. Check out this book: Trick or Treatment? Alternative Medicine on Trial by Professor Edzard Ernst (world’s first professor of complementary medicine) and Simon Singh (physicist). It evaluates the scientific evidence behind Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi syarif, kerja kat mana sekarang?

    aku dah baca review buku tu, i’m quite impressed and will place an order at amazon soon. thanks for the recommendation

  3. yus rezal says:

    Pergh! ‘Dr’ tu punya explaination tu mmg tak boleh blah. Siap E=MC² tu, formula Einstein, Big Bang Theory,1st and 2nd Thermodinamic Law, tapi lastly, testimoni tanpa bukti.

    Nasib baik la telinga aku tak berdarah, kalo tak, susah plak aku nak cari ubat Homeopathy. Keh keh keh.

    My conclusion, Homeopathy = Placebo Effect Only.

  4. Syarif says:

    Hi Bal, sambung postgrad studies kat Adelaide, Family Medicine. I’m with you all the way with your exposes on pseudoscience!

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