1. Maaf kerana tak update selama 3 hari. Hari Selasa yang lalu, saya diajak oleh kawan-kawan untuk pergi melawat negeri-negeri utara. Kami melawat Alor Star, Penang dan juga masuk Thailand balik hari untuk shopping di Hatyai, melawat pantai di Songkhla dan juga pergi belajar menembak di shooting range milik Royal Thai Navy. Mahal jugak, 1000 baht untuk 60 peluru. Juga berkesempatan melawat tempat-tempat makan popular di utara seperti Mee Abu, Nasi Lemak Hj Ali, Restoran Yasmeen, dan Nasi Kandar Line Clear.

2. Please check out our new e-commerce domain: lot.my. Visit the lot.my blog here.

(Click on the banner, it will take you directly to the lot.my homepage)

For those who are interested to open a store at lot.my, you are invited to join our mini-seminar this evening. Details at http://lotdotmy.blogspot.com/2010/02/mini-seminar-lotmy.html.

There is also a lot.my facebook page but you have to look it up since I don’t know much about FB.

3. I will resume writing about psedoscience this weekend. Please write to me if you have ideas or want to share your experience dealing with scams and frauds. I won’t be running out of material very soon, but it would be interesting to hear some first-hand accounts.

4. I respond to emails very slowly. Sometimes it takes a week or more (in some cases, months) to reply to unimportant emails or emails from people I do not know. The only exception are business emails, which I reply promptly. Please don’t take it personally. I’m not snubbing you, and I am not extremely busy (like you all think you are) but that is how I organize my life. I have passed the stage where I need to communicate constantly with friends and strangers and make new friends to make my life more “meaningful”. I regularly switch off my phone after 5pm when I am not feeling like communicating with people. To get in touch with me, the best way is to send a text message by SMS or email and then wait. I usually ignore calls after 5pm from numbers I don’t recognize. Some friends have complained that I barely pick up the phone, or reply to their emails. My apologies. Just be patient and send follow up emails.


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