Richard Feynman – The Relation of Mathematics & Physics

An insightful, brief lecture by the one and only Richard Feynman. Unfortunately, this is the only video in the series that’s available on Youtube. I hope somebody will upload the rest of the lecture.

Good stuff.

UPDATE (hat tip to Chang Yang): You can watch the rest of the lecture at

6 Responses to Richard Feynman – The Relation of Mathematics & Physics

  1. Chang Yang says:

    Actually Bill Gates bought the whole lecture series and it’s now freely available at this website:

    Great stuff 🙂

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    oh yes thank you CY
    going to sleep late tonight 😛

  3. suhaimiramly says:

    dayum, 7 hours worth of feynman lectures!

    i’m quite busy tonight preparing some papers for tomorrow’s meeting, and tomorrow night im leaving for hanoi until sunday. but i’m going to watch the videos next week, one hour each on monday, tuesday, wednesday, etc.

    this is an autodidact’s dream. i could learn more physics and get deeper insight by watching online lectures in one day, than i could sitting in physics lectures at a local university for one month.

    to bad medical practitioners can’t do this 😛

  4. Chang Yang says:

    Damn you! 😛

    Anyway I just watched the quantum mechanics one (no. 6 I think) yesterday night and while I would say it’s brilliantly presented, it wasn’t be *that* insightful for someone who is as highly educated as you. I think the lecture is a public lecture so he spent quite a lot of time explaining basic scientific notions of probability and stuff in simple terms, so I suspect you will simply doze off at those moments.

  5. Chang Yang says:

    typo: wasn’t *that* insightful

  6. myrasya says:

    thanks for the note. lovely… =)

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