MIT Admission Decision


Hi, and welcome to the MIT Online Decisions web site. Admissions decisions will be released on Sunday, March 14 at 2:00PM* Eastern Time. We know you’re excited, and that waiting is tough – hang in there! It won’t be much longer.

* Actually, we’ll probably make decisions available a minute before 2pm…


Why one minute before 2pm? Because March 14, 1:59PM can be written numerically as 314159, the first six decimal digits (sans decimal point) of \pi. Nerds will be nerds.

Those of you who interviewed with me, don’t forget to check your decision as soon as it’s up, and let me know if you’re successful. I hope many Malaysians will be accepted into MIT this year. Our current national record is five admitted students in 2007 (which is an exceptional achievement, I don’t think many countries have ever gotten that many in one year). I hope the record will be broken this year.

Go Engineers!

(LOL, “MIT Athletics” sounds like an oxymoron).


59 Responses to MIT Admission Decision

  1. Victor says:


    I have actually checked my results and I didn’t get in. Apparently I heard that there’s only 1 Malaysian who got in this year (named Coyin). Congrats and kudos to her still! Anyhow, the application was fun and the interview was great but I was still kinda nervous haha. Anyway, thanks Mr Suhaimi, being my EC 😛

    • oyico says:

      Hi Victor!

      Thank you 🙂 All the best in getting other offers, I’m sure you’ll do just great no matter where you end up in!


  2. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi Victor, thanks for the comment. I should send my congratulations to Coyin. I read in her blog that she might go to Cambridge for medicine instead. If that’s true, than this might be the first time in more than 10 years that we don’t have a Malaysian freshman.

    All the best in your future plans.

    • oyico says:

      Hi Suhaimi,

      urm I was a bit surprised when i saw this line: “I read in her blog that she might go to Cambridge for medicine instead.” hahaha. but yeah it’s true I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. dilemma dilemma dilemma 🙂

      Are you going to be attending the MIT Admitted Students Meeting next Saturday?

      Best wishes,

  3. Avinaash Subramaniam says:

    Hi Suhaimi,
    It looks like I have to keep the Malaysian Flag flyin’ if Coyin is not Goin’. I have been adMITted. I am so elated. Thanks a million to all the volunteers for all the advice. Special special thanks to Prof.Ewe Hong Tat for interviewing me. 🙂

  4. suhaimiramly says:

    Congratulations! Please throw other admission offers into a wastebasket and go to MIT.

  5. Avinaash Subramaniam says:

    Thanks a million but I have not got any other offers yet to throw.

    • Avinaash says:

      Hi Suhaimi,

      I just received an acceptance letter from Brandeis University and my MIT package in the mail. Brandeis is offering me full financial aid and a Wien Scholarship (which I did not even apply for). MIT seems to be relatively “kedekut”. I still have to come up with USD 24000 a year which is tight on my parents’ pockets. They have other financial commitments. Do you have any advice on how I can handle this? MIT has always been my dream school.

      • suhaimiramly says:

        That’s a hard one.

        First of all, I suggest you exhaust all possibilities for scholarship. I hope I don’t sound too patronizing here, because I’m sure you have considered this at length. Try Khazanah or various GLC scholarships. I think this page might help:

        Failing that, it’s going to be a frank discussion with your parents: whether they prefer to take a bank loan to provide you with first-rate education, or choose Brandeis instead. I am not in any way knocking on Brandeis. Brandeis is a good school — I’ve been there a few times myself (there is a math professor there who is either a Singaporean or Malaysian. Also, they have one of the best math department in the country, on par with many ivies). However, I would STRONGLY advise going to MIT, for the obvious reasons.

        Remember that you can always keep looking for scholarships even after you enrolled in university. There are many organizations based in Malaysia, in Asia, or even in US itself which grants partial or full scholarships for undergraduates.

        May I know what major you plan to pursue at MIT (if you choose to go there?)

    • oyico says:

      Hi Avinaash! haha I can’t believe I only found this post now.

      Congratulations on your MIT and Brandeis offers! Oh and I’ll send you an email soon – got your email address from your ex-classmate(??) who’s my piano teacher’s son. Lol.

  6. Edine says:


    I googled Malaysians in MIT and found your page! I’ve been admitted too, into the CEE graduate program, but I was admitted into Stanford as well. Am finding it rather tough to decide on which to go to.

    Please, if there’s anyone I could discuss the schools with (including yourself) please do let me know!


  7. suhaimiramly says:

    Hi Edine. Congrats for the MIT and Stanford offers. Tough call indeed.

    I would be happy to correspond by email, but my experience with grad school is limited (i only did undergrad at MIT), and I know next to nothing about Stanford. Maybe you can ask a Malaysian currently in Stanford about how it’s like over there.

    • edine says:

      Hey Suhaimi!
      Sorry I’ve been gone so long!
      I made a decision :)MIT it is!
      I’m looking at housing now, on campus is so expensive! Do you have any advice regarding off-campus housing? I know in Michigan like half the Malaysian population are staying in one off-campus apartment right now XD and I was wondering if it might be the same case as at MIT (if you still keep track with that) =)

      • suhaimiramly says:

        Hi there,
        Glad to hear that 🙂 however I’m afraid I dont know much about MIT housing. Suggest you contact the MITMASA (MIT Malaysian Students Assoc.) and get their advice.

      • Coyin says:

        Hi Edine! Just wondering, um is Edine your real name?

        My friend told me about a girl who got into MIT for its graduate program this year, so I’m wondering if you’re the same person as this girl lol. She’s supposedly an alumna of Chong Hwa Independent High School, but her name isn’t Edine (something else, ah i can’t remember what my friend told me) 😛

      • edine says:


        Thanks Suhaimi, I’ll ask them about it.

        Coyin, yeah, it’s my real name. Full name: Genevieve Edine Ho =))

        Cool! Another grad student!!??? So have you decided? Are you on facebook? Let me know! I’ve contacted Avinaash already it’ll be great if we could meet up or something?

  8. suhaimiramly says:

    Hello Coyin, and welcome here.

    Congratulations on your acceptance to MIT. It is no mean feat — I heard the admit pool is less than 10% this year. I don’t think I would’ve made it with this strong pool. How things have change in a decade.

    I really hope that you make the best decision. Of course I am rooting for MIT, but really, I believe you should choose where *you* want to go. Believe it or not, I once talked an admitted student out of going to MIT, because her passion lay elsewhere.

    Too bad MIT doesn’t have a medical school, but maybe you’d like to consider something like biotech (which MIT is really good at). Rather than dispensing medicine, maybe you’d like to create the next-generation medicine instead? 🙂

    • Victor says:

      I agree with Mr. Suhaimi! It is more interesting and challenging to create the next generation medicine 🙂 But it’s still up to us, isn’t it? Like what we find our passion in. Well, although I didn’t get MIT, I guess I would be pursuing my degree in Actuarial Science at LSE in the UK 🙂 That way I’ll be able to get myself certified as an actuary faster. After that, I might as well apply for a job in the States and do my Masters there, right? 😛 But still, all the best to all of you who got admitted! Make Malaysia proud! Maybe you guys are potentially capable for an Abel or a Nobel Prize. Who knows? 😛

    • Coyin says:

      hmm that’s the thing. I’m quite sure I want to pursue a career in medicine already, so Cambridge is, for obvious reasons, the safer choice. but Camb doesn’t offer financial aid – I definitely cannot afford RM1.1 million – so to go there I need to apply for government scholarships, which essentially brings up the controversial 10-year bond. According to a lot of doctors I talk to, it is not very practical to serve the bond right after you graduate, for there are limited specialist training opportunities, if not none at all, during that period of time. It’s best if you can serve that 10 years after you qualify as a specialist – but that wouldn’t be legally correct already 😉

      Plus I don’t want to just serve as a doctor, or a specialist. I intend to go into research in the future, ideally doing research and working at a teaching hosp at the same time.

      haha all these yada-yada concerns made me wonder if I should choose MIT instead. I hope my fin aid package would be okay. Oh and I prefer its system because its much more flexible and it offers a lot more opportunities than cambridge does. It would be a place where I would fall and fail, learn how to pick myself up, and end up being a greater person. and all those UROPS – i have a feeling i would enjoy them very much! ahh.

      oops that’s a bit lengthy. but anyways, if i’m going to MIT, i’m thinking about a double major in biology (i’m interested in virology / biophysics) and public policy. BUT i’m keeping my options open 🙂

  9. Avinaash Subramaniam says:

    Thank you so much for your frank advice. I will be exhausting all avenues for aid including appealing to MIT since the financial aid offer is tentative. And of course my parents will dig as deep into their pockets as possible to give me the best education. It’s just that they have other commitments and I would like to minimize their burden. I appreciate Brandeis’ offer but how can I give up MIT for Brandeis? My parents certainly won’t allow me to do that.

    I am not completely sure about my major. I am inclined towards Biology and Architecture but who knows I may fall in love with Maths after a year at MIT? That’s what happened to my sister who headed to MIT pretty sure she was going to do a Double Major in Music and Economics . However, she graduates this summer with a degree in Mathematics and another in Economics.

    Will you be attending the MIT admits function at RSGC on 3rd April?

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Oh so you’re Anushree’s brother. Figures then 🙂

      Your parents must know this situation well, so I trust their judgment.

      Math major, that’s great 😀 I think Course 18 (Math) is the major with the least amount of courseload, so if you’re comfortable with mathematical rigor then you’ll breeze through. Many people take math as minor or second degree because the requirement is easy to meet (I pretty much secured my major by my 5th semester).

      If you are seriously thinking of doing math, than i suggest you learn a bit of Real Analysis, Linear Algebra and Topology in the summer.

    • Coyin says:

      haha avinaash, don’t. you. dare. give. up. MIT. for. Brandeis. I know it’s a good school and all, but MIT’s rocks wayy more 😉

      all the best in your appeal. hope you get a better package! i read somewhere (ah i couldn’t find the source now) where a student who didn’t get a good financial aid deal too managed to secure a larger grant from MIT after making several calls to the financial aid office. my guess is they should be a bit more generous to international students because they really want you there (considering such a competitive admissions pool). good lucks yea!

  10. Avinaash says:

    Hey Coyin,
    I really hope you choose to go to Cambridge…in Massachusetts :). I agree with Victor and Suhaimi-
    creating new generation medicine in my opinion is more interesting. But then…to each his or her own. And by the way, who is your piano teacher? Is her son Lee Shi Ming? Do you have facebook? We can keep in touch there. You can find me under Avinaash Subramaniam.

    • Coyin says:

      haha yep shi ming he is. Added you on Facebook 🙂

      but creating new generation medicine means you’re working in the lab most of the time. i would love that, but not every single day.. haha i still want to go out and work with people and all that, so i think a doctor can achieve both the theoretical side of it and clinical side at the same time. mm.

  11. Avinaash says:

    Hi, Suhaimi,

    Yes, guilty as charged. I am Anushree’s brother. She absolutely loves it there and thus I am really inclined to go there. Furthermore, only 3% of the international applicants were admitted so it would be such a shame to give it up. Course 18 sounds good. My favourite equation is maximum output from minimum input. I do not know about breezing through, I am not a Math Olympiad :). I will look up real analysis but the Maths I really like is Trigonometry.

  12. hi suhaimi says:

    hi suhaimi,

    this is mahbub from dhaka.we got 1 MIT admit and 1 waitlist (that i interviewed) and i doubt anybody else.

    our 1 admit was one of our 2 IMO bronze medalists. the waitlist was an IOI silver medalist.

    how is it that pakistan gets like 5 admits every year?

    our math camp is going on right now. its a disaster. the electricity is always out. it like totally, totally sucks. even the internet is out because the government just closed 21 ISPs for supposed “illegal” VOIP activities, which is totally rubbish.

    btw: to the guy who got into stanford: stanford is the coolest university in America. and to the girl who got into cambridge medicine:

    do you really want to be a cambridge medic? all the asians at cambridge are medics, and unless you want to take the USMLE and go to the States or go back home, you’ll be stuck working for the NHS. that’s not such a happy thought. also its really expensive, unless you get a scholarship. does the malaysian govt still give scholarships for cambridge?

    but for math: dude, cambridge is the best. we are trying to get our other bronze medalist a scholarship to study math in Cambridge. its pretty hard though to get a scholarship.

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Oh hi Mahbub, glad to see you here!

      Congrats on the Bangladeshi admits. I interviewed like 20 people but nobody got in :(. This year we did not get our olympians to US top schools as none of them are at college age yet (all our star Olympians are 15-17).

      Pakistan? I remember during my year there were 3 pretty girls from Pakistan (got to know them well during freshman orientation, but no luck after that :P). Yeah I also remembered the MIT pakistani student association as being oversized and one year they even brought a pakistani rock band to do a concert at MIT (of all places).

      [to others, Mahbub has studied and worked at MIT, Stanford, Cambridge and LSE. So he’s a right person to ask for advice.]

      FYI the Malaysian government offers scolarship to study medic in the UK, but it comes with a 10-year contract.

      BTW Mahbub, do you know Shamim Javed?
      I used to see him all the time at MIT (he lived and taught at Boston) before he went back to Dhaka in 2005.

  13. Avinaash says:

    Hi Victor,

    Good luck with your Actuarial Science course at LSE. We’ll all do our best to make Malaysia proud but….Nobel Prize winner? I think that is stretching it a bit (For me at least).

    • Victor says:

      Thanks Avinaash 🙂 But like I said, who knows? Impossible things can turn possible with effort and belief. But if you do go to MIT, hope we can meet up maybe someday somewhere in the future together with Coyin? 🙂 All the best to you and you SHOULD go to MIT. But speaking of scholarships, you wanna try out GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte. Ltd.) ? Maybe you can check out their website about it. Just google on that ’cause I can’t remember the site, sorry 😛

  14. Coyin says:

    hey victor, have fun at LSE! i have a few friends there and so far they all seem to be enjoying themselves very much 😀

  15. mahbub says:

    hi suhaimi,

    great to hear from you. yeah i know shamim javed. i think he is doing a ph.d. somewhere.

    interviewing is a killer. my interviews lasted like 2 hours each and it took me another 2 hours to write each report. i think i had around 16 interviews.

    how did you manage. i pretty much went crazy. its pretty disappointing though went MIT bats down students you know are really, really exceptional.

    please give my salam to yunus and your parents.

  16. suhaimiramly says:

    Do you know any way I can contact Shamim? He is the one person who helped me the most during my undergraduate years. I would be happy to get in touch with him again.

    I usually limit my MIT interviews to 30 minutes per candidate. They all say the same thing anyway, and you can tell in the first few minutes whether they are MIT material or not.

    To be fair to all candidates, I allow them the full 30 minutes to say anything they want, and each of them will get a 3 page report. I usually limit the “one in a million” designation to one student per year.

    I usually allot 2-3 days for interviews (with one emergency day for the last minute types). I conduct the interviews at a cafe near my office, starting at 8am (when I usually take breakfast) all the way to lunchtime. I usually collect 5-6 interviews in one day, and then I spend one whole day, usually 1 January, to type out my reports. So far it’s manageable.

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, one of our guys with *four* IMO medals could not get into MIT. Twice.

    My parents send their salam to you.

  17. suhaimiramly says:

    So Coyin, are you going to MIT?

    • Coyin says:

      haha I’m now 99% sure I’m choosing MIT =) will have to see the financial aid package first though, i have yet to receive it – the financial aid office assured me I’ll receive it this week =)

  18. Avinaash Subramaniam says:

    That takes the pressure off me if you (Coyin)go to MIT. Edine has already accepted MIT. I’ve got into Harvard as well and am in a dilemma. Harvard has offered me a full faculty scholarship. I have until 1st of May to decide.

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Congrats on the Hahvard offer! I think the Harvard offer is much more attractive. If you are still thinking about MIT, bear in mind that you can still cross register for MIT classes as a Harvard student. It’s just a 5 minute subway ride away. 🙂

      • Coyin says:

        nooo Suhaimi, u aren’t supposed to convince him to go to Harvard=(

        though. yeah. the money’s much more attractive (what’s a faculty scholarship btw?). ah fine i guess u’re right. 😦 at least i’ve got a harvard friend now! =D

  19. suhaimiramly says:

    its good to have a harvard friend so he can let you get in harvard buildings 😛 and vice versa.

    no seriously, attending MIT or harvard is not much of a difference: you can cross-register at both places. the freshmen classes are not that different at both places, but for upperclassmen classes you can literally choose to take MIT or harvard classes (schedule permitting — you have to take a train to commute between classes). except if you’re going to do engineering, then definitely go to MIT. other than that: sciences, economics, even humanities, i’d put harvard and MIT on par with each other.

    I took two classes at Harvard (one math and one writing) and I felt at home in both places.

  20. Avinaash Subramaniam says:

    Thanks so much for the advice Suhaimi. This is what an MIT education is all about I suppose – not swayed by emotions and taking a pragmatic approach in directing me towards Harvard. I am pretty sure I am not pursuing Engineering so Harvard it is I think. Furthermore, the pressure is on me to accept Harvard as I’m the only Malaysian admitted this year. Sorry Coyin. BTW have you already accepted the MIT offer? I definitely will be cross-registering with MIT. I will doing a UROP at MIT. A Harvard Faculty scholarship is a scholarship given by Harvard Faculty!!!The Harvard Financial Aid takes different forms- student employment, Institutional, State and Federal scholarships. Mine is an institutional scholarship.

  21. Qiling says:

    Hi, im interested to pursue my studies to MIT or Harvard. I am STPM student. What i want to know is it a must to take SAT/TOEFL for entering these universities? Thanks.

    • Coyin says:

      Hey Qiling, I’m Coyin, one of the MIT admits this year. Different schools have slightly different requirements, but most US schools require you to take the SAT. Some schools waive your TOEFL if you have a decent score on the Critical Reading section of your SAT I. Or if your first language is English (i.e. you speak English at home mainly), you can email the schools to waive your TOEFL requirement. You would have to do your own research on that though.

      You can email me at coyin.oh ATT gmail DOTT com if you have any other questions about education in the US. 🙂

      • Qiling says:

        Hi thanks for your info. 🙂 I have a lots of questions and need to get prepare for SAT after STPM exams. 🙂

  22. Coyin says:

    Hmmm I’m not sure when does your STPM take place, but if it’s the November/December session, do keep in mind that you need to take your SAT I and II before January. So for example if your intake is 2011, you need to apply by Dec 31 2010 / Jan 1 2011 (diff schools have slightly different deadlines..again). And because you can’t take your SAT I and SAT II on the same day, you need to allocate two separate months for them. You can choose December and January for testings, but some schools do not accept January scores. (I forgot if MIT does or not) It’s better if you can take your SAT I in October or before that, then concentrate on your STPM exams, then take your SAT II right after your STPM exams (you only need about a week or so to prepare for your SAT II if you have sit for STPM). Plan early.

  23. Qiling says:

    Hi sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the info! I hope you have a great time at MIT and would love it if you could share some of your experience theree! 🙂

  24. Pain says:

    Hello Avinaash, I’m a student from help and you have the same physic lecture with me mr lim chee seong. I’m highly interested in applying to mit. Can you leave yr msn or yahoo address here so that I can inquire and question some question from you. Thank you.

    • Raif says:

      hey…salam. raif..i’ve just finished my SPM…i just want to ask. How did you manage to enter MIT…can you give me some advice because i’m interested to go to the university..tq..

  25. Victor. says:

    Hey, everyone. I’m really, really interested in attending MIT; It’s been my dream since I found out about the beauty of US education. Could you share with me how you did for your standardized testing, your past achievements, and above all, what you did during your interview/in your academic career that distinguished you from the crowd? Because honestly, it’s looking really impossible just to even scrape the surface of what’s required of MIT undergrads now =/ I’ve been reading horror stories about 2400 SATers/44 point IBers failing to get admission, and frankly, these depress and horrify me.

    Thank you!

  26. Jin Xu says:

    Im an ordinary student who is waiting for SPM results. I have great interest in mechanics and robotics. I wish to get some guides on how to admit into MIT. How are the steps like and what are the requirements. Thank you!

  27. Coyin Oh says:

    @Victor: Can you email those questions to my email coyin \AT\ mit \DOT\ edu? I will be able to answer those via email because some of them are rather personal. 🙂

    @jin xu: You should be able to get information about those on

    • suhaimiramly says:

      Hi Coyin,
      Thanks for taking the questions on this page — it’s good for the readers since i don’t have as much firsthand info about MIT as you have.

      Hope things are going well at MIT! Sunny days are coming 🙂

  28. Momentis says:


    […]MIT Admission Decision « Suhaimi Ramly[…]…

  29. Wendy says:

    though a Malaysian but don’t really know the Curriculun that well since I was brought up in Brunei for my whole life. quite hard to convince my coordinator that I want to apply to ivies since many people in my school goes to Canada and UK mostly but theres an exception where an Irish girl got into Yale. stressed out!!!

  30. Wendy says:

    due to difficultry in admission to US uni my IB seniors advice us to go to Canada cos it’s easier but I prefer America cos I have relatives here. I’m interested in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, mit, duke, uni of Michigan, Columbia and etc. but preferably Harvard as I wanna do medicine or biomedical sciences.

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