Help me

I am looking for a particular game that I can’t find anywhere. It’s very old and odd. As soon as you run the game, you just press any key and the word “START” shows up. You control a maniac I guess that can’t stop running around in some kind of a space maze because everything is dark and only the walls glow in an emergency blue tone. You are the only man alive in the maze and you try to collect food in order to not starve to death, and you are haunted by the ghosts of other people that were imprisoned in a holding cell in the center of the maze. As you run the maze, you try to colect things that look like pills I guess to keep you away from becoming mad, and there are some experimental drugs that turn you into a canibal creature. When the experimental drug is taken, your hallucinations become more real and so to the point that the man thinks he can eat the ghosts in a terrible manner like a gore fest and leave nothing but the eyes. What scared me the most I remember that if the ghosts catch you they would devour your body, pulling your insides out and opening your mouth to break your jaw and turn your whole body inside out. Anyone played this besides me?


2 Responses to Help me

  1. Demilunar says:

    I did.. I did… It’s PACMAN rite?

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    lol that’s it.

    (btw, i didnt write it myself. this is a copypasta)

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