Mari datang ceramah agama

Click on the posters to enlarge.

Fajr Symphony, the organizer of this event, was founded by Dr. Yunus Yasin, my former colleague at Khazanah Nasional. Both of us left Khazanah in 2007 within a week of each other to start our own companies.

Shaykh Dr. Abdal Hakim Murad is a British Islamic scholar. Wikipedia bio.

Please come! Non-Muslims / anyone who are interested to learn about Islam are welcome.

I have listened Shaykh Murad’s lectures before, and he’s an efficient communicator, learned in the Islamic classical and modern traditions. I regret that I cannot attend the talk because I will be in Penang on Saturday. Maybe I’ll join the workshop on Sunday if I can make it to KL on time.

2 Responses to Mari datang ceramah agama

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  2. Daripada buang masa di alam cyber dengan amalan-amalan yang lagho, lebih baik dengar ceramah Ustaz Azhar, boleh juga menambahkan pahala 🙂

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