Some creepypasta

A little bit of creepy will do you some good. Enjoy:

(Note: these are separate stories)



Late one night after working overtime in an office, a man called F picked up a taxi. The taxi driver was a friendly man, and for a while they merrily chatted away.

Sometime later the taxi began to climb up a dark hill. Now woods surrounded them on both sides and there was no other car around. Then the taxi driver suddenly said to F in a serious tone of voice, “Listen. In this place you mustn’t look outside the windows. Got it?”

F was perplexed at the driver’s abrupt change of mood and “Yes..”was all he could reply.

The taxi drove on through the woods. F began to feel uneasy and asked the driver, “Why shouldn’t I see outside?” But the driver didn’t respond. F was getting spooked.

It was just then he heard a strange groan coming from outside the window beside him. F was startled and looked at the window in spite of himself.

Then he saw, spread out on the window, a large, angry face. When it saw F, it cried, “You are not the one!”

F lost consciousness immediately and could not remember what happened afterwards. Apparently on that road on the hill there was a hit-and-run accident not long ago which had left one man dead, and the killer was still at large. Since then the dead man had been appearing on the road every night, looking for his killer.


A young couple had a baby, but as they were poor and could not afford to keep it, they decided to kill it… They went to a lake in the dead of night and having rowed a boat to the middle of it, dropped the baby into the water, while the mother kept murmuring; “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” over and over again.

Some years passed and the couple decided to marry. Between them they had a new baby girl and the family was living happily together. When the little girl became four years-old, she suddenly started pestering her parents to take her to the lake. The parents were reluctant to go, but finally gave in because the girl was so persistent. As soon as they arrived at the lake the girl said, “Daddy, I want to be on that!” pointing at a boat. Again reluctantly the couple gave in to her entreaty. They were in the middle of the lake when the girl said; “Daddy, I want a wee-wee.” The father, not knowing what else to do, lifted her up above the water so that she could do it, checking first that no one was around. And it was that very moment, when the father’s hands were wrapped underneath the girl’s knees, and both were facing the water, the daughter looked back at her father over the shoulder and said; “Please don’t drop me this time.”


Every family in every town in every country on every continent has one. It’s a cabinet, not particularly odd, not out of place. The paint was peeling a bit on the corners and the knob was a bit loose. The inside smelled like dust and the paint wasn’t the same as the kitchen walls.

You hid in there once during a game of hide ‘n’ seek.

No one told you it doesn’t open back into your reality. Don’t worry, you can’t tell the difference.

But everyone misses you.


In the heart of Washington, there’s a house that used to be owned by a family of five. Nobody really knows what happened to them. Their neighbors at the time say that there were no signs of weirdness or fear in the family. The common testimony is that one day there was nothing wrong. The night that followed, there were very loud noises coming from the house, and although people in the area came to investigate what was keeping them up, the windows were blocked by millions of post-it notes, and the windows would not break. The following day, the house was empty.

Nobody has lived in that house since. But people have gone inside. In every bedroom, there is a mirror facing the corner of the room. If you turn it around, it won’t show your reflection. The area you’ll be standing in will be empty. They say that on the rare occasion, you’ll see the person who used to sleep in that room, mutilated and bandaged from head to toe.


I’ve always had a terrible fear of being submerged completely in water. Not that I can’t swim or anything. My dad made me learn; he said I almost drowned when I was really young.

I was afraid of it because, for as long as I can remember, whenever I am under water and look up at the surface I see a woman reaching down to me with a warm smile, with glowing golden hair and dark blue eyes. Even if its just in a bathtub. It always happened, it was just normal for me, but i never got used to it.

It was unnerving, but also soothing at the same time. She always made me feel like it was okay. I still avoided it, though, because I was just a kid and it was really freaky.

I never told my dad about it as a kid, but I did ask him about my mom. He never wanted to talk about her. Sometimes he even got mad at me for trying too hard to bring it up.

It was only recently that I described this apparition to him. He nearly drove into a telephone pole; obviously he knew something. I asked him, again, about my mom. He still would say much, except that she died when I was very young, and that she loved me very much. He also admitted that her hair and eyes were those colors, just like mine.

So I did some research on my own, looking up her name for myself on my birth certificate and trying to find any references I could, any news clips about a boy nearly drowning, any thing. I mostly wanted a picture, something I could match to my guardian angel.

Today, buried in our town library, I found it.

WINCHESTER: Marie Withie, 28, drowned to death yesterday evening after climbing a razerwire fence and fleeing to a nearby resevoir. A funeral is scheduled by her family for the 25th. Marie was institutionalized just six months ago, after being found “not guilty” of attempted murder on grounds of insanity. Her husband Daniel Withie had acted quickly enough to rescue their infant child when she was found trying to drown him in a bathtub.


There are exactly 17 people on this earth fated to kill you. If you somehow manage to avoid these 17 people during your lifetime, you are taken to a place of monumental beauty where you are stripped of all clothing and branded on the space just above your navel with a name. When you are sent back to earth, it’s your mission to kill the person branded on you.


Somewhere in the middle of the Desert in Nevada, there’s a place where, if you look to the west at sunset you’ll be able to make out a tiny, house-shaped structure in the far distance, Wait for the sun to set completely and then you must WALK straight towards that structure without deviating.

As the night wears on, you will hear groans and cries of pain in the distance. Ignore them. You must continue to move towards where you saw the building. The night will seem much longer than any normal night, but if you continue walking until the sun comes up again behind you, you’ll find yourself suddenly in front of a battered, dusty shack. Inside, you will find no windows or doors (including the one you just came though) and in the center of the room will be a body. Reports of the decay vary from recently dead to a skeleton with clothes.

You might recognize the clothes or possibly the face. This body is yours. You can inspect it for as long as you dare. Check it for wounds or clues to your death… check its pockets for clues about your future if you wish. But you must figure out how to leave the room and do it before your corpse awakens. If you make it out of the room, you’ll find yourself back at the edge of the desert where you started. But if your corpse stirs before you can find the way out, you’ll be trapped in that room for eternity while your corpse is allowed to roam free. What does a corpse do with a second chance at life, you ask?

Well, remember those groans and cries you heard crossing the desert? A reanimated corpse has to eat, too…


Here was a girl who had an illness and was bed-ridden for the majority of her life. She was recently diagnosed to die within the next couple of months so her parents decided to spend as much time with her as they could before her time came. They decided that the best thing was to go camping at a local site for a little bit since the daughter was stuck in the hospital for so long.

On their way there, the girl was quiet as usual and laid in the back while the parents talked amongst themselves. When they finally reached their destination, they pitched the tent, unpacked everything and started a campfire. The mother was constantly filming the area and her daughter while the father went out for more firewood. It was getting dark when he came back, but he suddenly heard the mother scream so he rushed over to discover that his daughter was standing on her feet and was doing a wild, erratic ‘dance’ before she suddenly dropped dead.

After all the funeral processions and grieving subsided, the parents wanted to see the video the mother recorded on that very night. They put the tape in the player and began to watch. At first it just showed the mother looking at the scenery and random animals that passed by in the distance, but as the time frame skipped, it jumped to when she was inside the tent with the daughter as she stood up and began to jerk around.. But there was something wrong. It first was in the corner of their eyes but as they replayed the scene, their horror became more and more real.

The entire time the daughter was ‘dancing’, there was a ghastly white hand latched onto the top of her head.


“Mom…” said the little girl , rubbing her eyes, standing in the door opening to her mother’s room.
“Mom, the Easter Bunny is eating my candy…” she said.
“Nonsense, baby,” the woman replied, “the Easter Bunny gives out candy, it doesn’t eat it…”
The woman lightly shook her covers and continued to speak, halfway into her pillow, halfway to her daughter; “Go back to sleep, baby…”
“But, mom…” the girl said, “The Easter Bunny is eating candy!” now in a more serious tone, almost as if she was going to cry.
Her mother sat up and opened her arms, “Baby, I just told you; the Easter Bunny doesn’t eat candy, he hands it out to little children. Besides, it’s not even Easter yet – go back to sleep,” she said in her kindest voice.
“Okay, mom…” the child sighed as she turned to walk out the room.
The woman smiled and though ‘Crazy kid with her lively imagination…’ and went back to sleep on a whim.
Out in the hallway, the little girl stood for a while staring at the Easter Bunny eating her candy. She then sighed “Mommy said I should go back to bed…”
The Easter Bunny replied “Good idea, child. Turn around and don’t look back.”
He flicked a shiny metal pendant at the child. She picked it up. She cried as she saw what it was; it was a dog tag, and it read ‘Candy’.


There once was a little boy and he was friends with this girl in kindergarten. He saw that the girl had a green ribbon around her neck and asked her why. She said only, “I’m not s’posed to tell.” They remained friends through childhood, all the way to high school, and the girl still wore that green ribbon around her neck. The boy has since grown used to it, and stopped asking long ago. They decided to go steady and were very happy for almost 2 years. Finally, on the anniversary of their second year together, they decided to give themselves to each other. Undressing each other lovingly, they spoke of how much they cared for one another. The boy kissed his girl, and grasped the green ribbon, the last vestige of clothing she wore, and swiftly untied it.

He was found hours later, still naked, sitting in the corner, her head in his arms.


hi apa khabar

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  1. resampadi says:

    HuH….panjangnya cerita! Penat org baca berjela2 untuk just sampai to the wierd white boy with weird fidgety fingers pic…!

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    Actually, those are separate stories

  3. Daniel Armstrong says:

    seems jackie chans been taking shrooms again! SOAD AND SKATEBOARDS AND EGGS plus a nice bacon sandwich reminds me of the time i took shaun willis doggy style…

  4. Daniel Armstrong says:

    i live at 5 wilkinson road, horden, peterlee, co.durham please send me money so i can buy wood for homemade skateboards!

  5. Shaun Willis says:

    you know those industrial drills, well if you put me at the bottom and a mcdonalds at the top, i might jump up and get it sometimes

  6. shauwwwn says:

    here boys av got a hell of a joke for you

  7. Daniel Armstrong says:

    helllloooooooooooo fatty

  8. Daniel Armstrong says:

    i can smell your warm succulent pork loins xD

  9. shauwwwn says:

    good way to tlk across the class lool

  10. Daniel Armstrong says:

    i can smell her loins from here!

  11. shauwwwn says:


  12. Daniel Armstrong says:

    look at deh lettle asian kiddeh!!! go up. its jackie channnnikles! POTATO!!!!!!!!!

  13. shauwwwn says:

    well i always sit under tables :/

  14. Daniel Armstrong says:

    boobs ( . Y . )

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