Eat da Poo Poo

At first I thought this is a satirical video made by white people (ala Borat) to poke fun at Africans. I mean, real Africans can’t be that bad right? Seriously, people CANNOT be this backward, right? Or so I thought.

Then I remembered what the Leonardo DiCaprio character said in the film Blood Diamond. “T.I.A.,” the character said, “This is Africa”.

Yes, the video is 100% real. I am no gay symphatizer (my belief is that homosexuality is wrong, but homosexuals should be treated as human beings with full rights, and should not be demonized), but seriously man, you don’t talk like that in public.

I admit I was bowled over with laughter when I first saw this (anal licking? lol) but then I was like hmm…

…its EAT DA POO POO time!


One Response to Eat da Poo Poo

  1. Nothing at all better than a fishing joke. My sister just shared this joke with me:Mother to daughter advice: Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day. But teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend.

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