Kazakhstan Pics

View from my hotel, near Alatau Mountains in Almaty. The highest peaks are snowcapped (not obvious in this photo):

The International Mathematical Olympiad jury meeting room:

My desk. The MAS placard is used for voting on formal motions:

Kazakh acrobatic showriders:

After watching the horse show, we were invited for a feast which featured the most special Kazakh delicacy: horse meat. Pictured is a platter of horse meat sausages, called Kazy and Shuzhuk. Horse meat is delicious, you should try it sometimes. This feast was paid for by the ExxonMobil subsidiary in Kazakhstan, whose sister subsidiary in Malaysia sponsored the Malaysian IMO team:

Before the IMO closing ceremony, in front of the Palace of Independence in Astana. Astana is the newly established capital of Kazakhstan, replacing Almaty:

Malaysian contestants on the red carpet (from left: the How twins, Aqil, Ying Hong, Joshua, and the very shy Faiz):

Ying Hong, holding the Malaysian flag, among the IMO Silver medallists. His t-shirt reads “MATH: IT’S AS EASY AS 01, 10, 11” (get it?):

After the IMO 2010 closing ceremony. From left: Deputy Leader Ikhwan, Aqil (Honorable Mention), Faiz, Si Wei (Bronze Medal), Si Yu (Honorable Mention), Joshua (Honorable Mention), Ying Hong (Silver Medal), Cikgu Salizah and me:

That’s all for now!


13 Responses to Kazakhstan Pics

  1. Faizal says:

    We are proud of you guys..
    any report in local news about this event ?

  2. Chang Yang says:

    Well done team 🙂

    I seriously think that academic efforts like this deserve a coverage comparable to our sports teams. Heck when was the last time we won a silver in the Olympic Games? Oh wait.

  3. suhaimiramly says:

    Not yet, but I think our sponsor ExxonMobil will arrange for some press conference later.

    Maybe Majalah Sains would like to cover the story? 🙂

    Yeah, the efforts that we put in and the odds we had to face are not unlike those faced by sports athletes. Despite our modest achievement in the country ranking, winning an IMO medal is a huge intellectual achievement for the individual kids. We should celebrate that.

  4. urimtal says:

    Congrats!!! Thank you for pics.

  5. Alvin says:

    Congrats on the achievement ! It’s been awhile since we brought back two medals =)

  6. Miza says:


  7. aiai says:

    omedetou~ well done!

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