Hello visitors

When I announced in this space last month that I will take a break from blogging for 2 weeks, I had assumed that most regular visitors will stop coming regularly and just checking a few days or so to see when I will resume posting. I also assumed that people who came to this site during that period found it from search engines or whatever few blogs that link here.

So I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that during the hiatus, I got around 400-500 hits a day on average, including on weekends. Notwithstanding people who clicked on the Russian copypasta page through StumbleUpon (32k hits and counting; but nowadays only 30-50 hits a day), this is still too many hits to be accounted for. I looked at the more popular pages to see what would be the most searched-for items, but even those would account for only 50-100 hits a day (most popular search keywords — “Paper Moon”, “OMK” and “necktie”). So my estimate is that there are about 300 new and regular visitors, not counting the really regular visitors who stopped coming during the break.

I know, 300 is a modest number. You probably have twice that number of friends on FB. You probably get more than 300 comments and “likes” on your FB profile every day.

But I am flattered that people really do come here even if to read one entry.

When I was in Kazakhstan, about 15 people told me they have visited my website. Most of them are mathematicians looking for Olympiad practice problems from other countries.

Most of the hits to this blog occur around 8-10 am Malaysia time. Most of my visitors are office workers in Malaysia. The first thing they do when they arrive at office in the morning is check email and then go to Bookmark to check their favorite blogs for updates.

When I first opened a blog, I used a nickname to protect my anonymity, justifying to myself that it is easier to practice freedom of speech this way. One day, I discussed with Iznan whether I should use my real name and write more cautiously, or use an anonymous handle and write anything I like, even offensive and vulgar stuff. I can’t remember exactly what Iznan said, but something like I should never hide behind a wall of anonymity, and people who write something controversial without signing their real names are cowards. I accepted his advice, closed down my anonymous blog, and started suhaimiramly. Since I use my own name now, I have to write carefully to guard my impeccable reputation (lol!) and go easy on the swear words. In fact, I’ve been a really nice boy and have never written a single unpleasant word in this blog, except when I’m bashing people engaging in pseudoscience and quackery.

At first, this blog is for me to collect my entries from Aidan blog in one place, but over time this blog seemed to take a life of its own. And the number of visitors continue to grow. Thank you to all my visitors, I really appreciate your support.


2 Responses to Hello visitors

  1. Yus Rezal says:

    Lu mmg best bro.no doubt about it.

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