Joanne and The Unofficial Food Guide

My friend Joanne has started a food blog at Joanne is currently based in New York, working as research engineer at a Fortune 500 company.

Joanne and a bowl of disgusting grub

I knew Joanne when we were students at INTEC. We did not see each other during our undergrad years (I was in Boston and she in Illinois). After graduation, she stayed back to finish her grad studies and work in the States. I met her two years ago when she came back to KL for a holiday, and we went to watch The Simpsons Movie, or some equally unmemorable summer blockbuster, at KLCC.

From her about page:

The Unofficial Food Guide website was commenced from my deep passion and quest for knowledge of good and healthy food. Food should be enjoyed by many. And enjoyed moderately but passionately. Food should be understood as it can nourish our mind, body and soul. I am by no means an expert in food science, but simply a self-proclaimed food connoisseur and student.

Hopefully one day she will share with us the recipe for her favorite dish, sambal petai…hahahahahaha (oops, did I just divulge a secret? sorry, Joanne ;P)


4 Responses to Joanne and The Unofficial Food Guide

  1. Joanne says:

    Hi Suhaimiramly, thanks for the putting up an entry about me. It’s no longer a secret since it’s up here! I haven’t had the chance the experiment with the sambal petai recipe– it’s really my mum’s recipe. She’s a great cook. I’ve to pick her brains when I go home….
    Take care! By the way, it’s beef pho lah.

    • suhaimiramly says:

      believe it or not i just ate my first petai last year. it was ok, better than i expected, but nothing to write home about. i grew up believing that petai is terrible food, and also heard the myth that if you eat petai, later you need to urinate in a can and throw it outside the house because your pee gonna stink the house really bad! (i think it’s all hogwash)

      take care! if you need some care package, let me know and i will FedEx some petai to new york 😛

  2. Joanne says:

    Yeah to first time! You should try eating eggplants because it helps to reduce the stink in your urine.

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