Great things about growing up

I like to age, and to grow old. The media and society scare you into thinking that aging is terrible, that your legs will weaken, you skin will sag, your eyesight will worsen, and your brainpower will slow down to the level of a domestic bunny. Those are scary, but I am not talking about getting THAT OLD, I’m talking about going on to 40 or so.

I’d love to be 40, and can’t wait for another 12 years for it to happen (kalau umur panjang, Insya Allah). People my age complain all the time about growing up, because you have more responsibilities and have to conform to what society expects you to be. To be frank, I think it all stems from insecurity, and insecure people long for the carefree days of youth.

I think youth sucks. Youth doesn’t know. Young people are stupid, although they do not realize it. Young people throw caution to the wind, and call it freedom or independence and write bad songs about it. Young people conform to EVERYTHING their peers like them to be, and still think they are all unique snowflakes. Young people talk in a tone and language that’s grating to my ears. Young people lack experience and almost every skill you need to survive in this world. What maybe a few young people are good at are: 1) following and obeying orders, 2) memorizing a bunch of useless facts and regurgitate them, in order to be worthy of the title “academically successful”.

(Despite all I said above, I am also quite young, and I suffer all the said shortcomings — I think I am very inexperienced in life, and sometimes can be quite stupid too. That said, old people sucks in their own way, but they have done so much more and have suffered so much more I give them a pass this time).

Being 40 is the pinnacle of life. Most men are married at this age, with fairly grown children, and most have settled into a stable income and future. I don’t know about you guys, but 40-years-old men around me are some of the best looking guys out there, wayyy better looking than 20-somethings and the hideous teenagers (for women, it’s the other way round. Sorry but that’s the way the world works). Men at this age thinks nothing about taking their family for vacation, splurging for the occasional luxury, and doing good in the world with their money, energy, knowledge, and influence. The same cannot be said for the snotty youngsters. Why people prefer being 20 to 40 I cannot understand.

OK, I am perhaps biased in my assessment of age groups. Of course there are 20-something billionaires (can you name anyone other than Zuckerberg?). Of course there are miserable 40-year-olds. Of course there are exceptions. But look around you, and tell me that young people lead a more stable and independent life (without parental support) compared to older people in their 40s. Bet you can’t.

The best thing about being 40s (I think so, I don’t know how it is like yet) is the wisdom you get, and the energy you still have to realize your dream or aspiration or whatever. In their 50s and 60s, people might be Gandalf-like in wisdom, but they are also Gandalf-like in energy (thanks, arthritis!). Young people in their 20s and 30s have the energy and the long list of “things to do in life”, but seldom have the means to achieve them. 40 is the right age.

Go to a golf course (in an exclusive golf club, not a public driving range) and see that 40 is the new 20. People in their 40s can afford golf club memberships, and so they are the “young” guys on the driving range. Old Dato’ and Tan Sris on the golf clubs actually envy the younger guys who, despite having less money and less titles, can hit the ball harder and can get further in life thanks to energy and charm. These decrepit old men then drown their collective envy by drinking hard and macking on young girls who wouldn’t give them a second look if not for their bulging wallets. This is called “tak sedar diri”.

Talking about charm, sorry fellow young guys, but older people have charm. Young people might be handsome and muscular and virile, but older men have that special something (let’s call it charm, for lack of a better word), that really makes people around them comfortable (I’m not gonna make the sweeping generalization about how women prefer older men, I am not a woman and I don’t have a clue how they think). I have known males my age, and none of them qualifies to be called “charming” although many belong to that another extreme of human social spectrum, called “being a douche”. On the contrary, I have met many older men who can make you feel at ease just by smiling and greeting you. Now that’s my friend, is called charm.

So, 40 is not the new 20. 40 is simply better than 20. I’ve been 20, and it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. So I am looking forward to be 40. The day I see my first gray hair in the mirror is the first day I’m going to feel like a real man.


4 Responses to Great things about growing up

  1. Alif says:

    Aku teringat sekali dalam kelas MBA aku. Lecturer tanya agak2 nya umur berapa baru seseorang tu di kira matang. Aku jawab 40. Lecturer macam bengang. Aku pun tak sure kenapa dia bengang tapi maybe sebab dia sendiri belum reach 40. So, in other way, macam aku dah smacked dia dgn mengatakan dia belum matang.

    hehe…nabi2 a.s. yg agung kebanyakkannya menjadi Nabi bukan pada usia 20-an… sikit je yg jadi nabi time usia muda…setau aku la. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Aku pun suka growing OLDER…everyday… šŸ™‚

    • suhaimiramly says:

      umur matang = 40

      sebelum umur 40, seseorang itu sama ada belum matang, buat-buat matang, perasan matang, syok sendiri matang, separuh matang, dsb.

      Sebab tu lah whenever people talk about “youth leadership” dan “youth leaders” dan yang sewaktu dengannya…i chuckle inside. nak lead ape benda? nak lead persatuan ping pong sekolah boleh la kut, tapi for important posts in government, politic, business, etc, you need to be 40 or older. i dont trust younger guys, despite how brilliant or mature they seem

  2. Alif says:

    hahaha…cuma time kita hang out…kalau tetiba kau dengar aku kata “I still fell like I’m 21” ..kekeke…jangan meluat sudah la… šŸ˜›

    Ada orang yang pelik bila aku suka mengaku yg aku muda sebab for them, diorang lagi suka mengaku dah tua, cukup matang, wise, blablabla…

    Aku suka mengaku aku ni muda and ada SEMUA ‘kualiti’ (kekekeke)orang muda yg kau tulis kat atas daripada dok desperate nak orang anggap aku ni dah matang, wise, itu dan ini…when actually…honestly I am not! Heh…

  3. Alif says:

    oops..typo error:-

    ā€œI still fell like Iā€™m 21ā€³

    ‘fell’ should be ‘feel’

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