Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational website run by a guy named Salman Khan (no, not that one). The website contains more than 1,100 videos of Mr. Khan giving lessons in math, biology, physics and other high-school/college level subjects. All the videos are free and available on Youtube (channel: khanacademy).

Khan Academy is almost ridiculous in its simplicity. The front page contains links to all videos of Mr. Khan’s lessons. There is no need for subscription, no account, no signup, no trial, nothing. Click on the lessons you’d like to watch, sit still, and be educated. That’s all.

As a part time educator, I find the videos to be very useful. I can vouch for the quality of the videos; they are easy to understand, intuitive and suitable for self-study. If you know any schoolkid who needs help with math (or physics, etc), she can find the relevant lessons at Khan Academy. If you want to brush up on your high school math, Khan Academy is good for that as well. If a really smart student is bored with school and wants to learn beyond what is taught in class, Khan Academy is the place to go to.

I admire this Khan guy. He quit his job in finance to do Khan Academy full-time. The whole idea is very simple, but the impact is huge. Already Khan Academy have reached millions of students around the world.

Bear in mind that Khan Academy was, and still is, a one-man show. The success of Khan Academy has made me regain my belief in the (somewhat tired) platitude that one person can change the world. You should read the inspiring interview with Mr. Khan. Quote:

What is the long-term goal for the Khan Academy?

I see Khan Academy becoming the world’s first free, world-class virtual school where anyone can learn anything–for free.

Are you interested in turning this into a business? Maybe with some VC funding?

I’ve been approached several times, but it just didn’t feel right. When I’m 80, I want to feel that I helped give access to a world-class education to billions of students around the world. Sounds a lot better than starting a business that educates some subset of the developed world that can pay $19.95/month and eventually selling it to some text book company or something. I already have a beautiful wife, a hilarious son, two hondas and a decent house. What else does a man need?

Mr. Khan is a graduate of MIT. This is a proof why MIT is the best university in the world, much better than, say, Harvard (the backup school for kids who couldn’t get into MIT).


3 Responses to Khan Academy

  1. samah says:

    fuh pedas ayat terakhir tu…

    hahaha aku ingat lagi masa kene tarik gi immigration processing counter and kene soal ngan imigresen US (ingat aku terrorist kut)..

    “so… i see that you’re going to carnegie mellon university.. why?”

    “because i didn’t get into MIT”

    officer tu gelak and let me go. hahahaha.

  2. Ahmad says:

    Cool. This is a real blessing for people with mediocre ability in maths!

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