Little Red Drowning Hood

WARNING: **This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty**

This is a sick video of a woman throwing newborn puppies into a river. This video has been making the Internet rounds lately. Thanks to Internet vigilantism and real-life police work, the girl has finally been identified (she’s Bosnian).

Michael Bay, the director of the Transformers movie, offered a reward of $50,000 for her arrest.

I have never kept a pet in my life. I am not good with animals, although I love them. When I was studying in Boston, my sister took home a pet snake to our family home (in KL). That’s the only time our family ever kept a pet.

Keeping a pet snake is not easy — guests would freak out, and snake diet is hard to get (I think snakes eat grasshoppers, bugs and frogs; snake experts please correct me if I’m wrong). Not to mention I have an acute case of snake-phobia. I cannot stand to watch snakes on TV, let alone in real life. When I was younger, I would freak out even when looking at a realistic *drawing* of a snake. Motherfucking National Geographic Magazine always has at least one snake photo in every issue. I used to ask someone to peruse a new issue from cover to cover and tell me on which page the snake photos are at so I can avoid them. My worst nightmare would be something out of Snakes On A Plane. So, before I moved back home, I asked my sister to throw the snake out, and she agreed.

I have never kept pets, and definitely not dogs. But I am passionate towards animals (except this dumb animal that rhymes with cake) and would never kill animals without provocation or good reason. I don’t know where they got the idea, but many Muslims think that the fact that dog is categorized as najis mughallazah (major impurity) means that we should demonize dogs, attack dogs and kill dogs. I am no angel myself: one time, I threw a brick at a stray dog which attacked me at a construction site. But that was self-defence. In general, I love animals.

(Fellow animal lovers go here: /an/)

I have an Indian neighbor who keeps a very large and very loud dog. I mean very loud. It would bark and charge at the locked gate whenever people pass in front of the house. Also, the dog would also bark all night, and occasionally do some crazy dance, like it’s been possessed by succubus or something. I don’t think any thief dare go near the house at night. However, it became a nuisance to the neighbors.

Last year, during Ramadan, a group of teenagers decided to take matters into their own hands. They came right up to the house on motorcycles, and one guy threw firecrakers at the dog. Before the anney and auntie realized what had befallen their beloved canine, the guys were already speeding away.

It turned into a ruckus when the men of the family went out with pipes and steel rods, and vowed revenge. Have you seen a bunch of angry Indians brandishing blunt weapons? It is not a pretty sight, folks. Coincidentally, at the time I was walking home from sembahyang terawih, at the exact time when the men were hyping up. I sensed that something was wrong, so I put on my best poker face and walked pass their house like nothing happened.

Then the auntie stopped me (she knew me because she used to come to my house to get signatures from my sister). She was quite agitated, her sons were literally red with anger, and she let loose unto me, an innocent bystander:

“adik…ini cilaka punya budak budak….ada ka kasi campak mercun masuk rumah kita…nasib baik anjing kita tak buta…ini semua anak sapa tak belajar ka…kurang ajar punya orang…ini bulan puasa pun mau kaccau sama kita…” bla bla bla

hehehe…I was the only guy on the street so I had to volunteer to be on the receiving end of her angry tirade. Her sons asked me to get in their car to join them looking for the perpetrator, but I was not in the mood for vigilante adventures. So I excused myself and told them I will ask my father to look into the matter.

My father is often the go-to person for these type of situations. He used to be a high-ranking police officer. He owns a Smith and Wesson handgun which he had used several times to scare neighborhood hoodlums and burglars. I told my father what had happened. He decided that it’s not worth pursuing the matter further — it’s just some stupid teenagers doing stupid things. But my father went to the Indian family to calm them down, and advise them to keep the dog inside the house during the night to avoid further incidents.

OK, back to main topic. Where am I going with all these? People should be compassionate to animals. Don’t abuse or attack innocent animals even though you believe they are impure. Let people who want to keep pets do so peacefully. If you have issues with pets, raise them up with the owners — don’t take it on the poor animals. Pet owners should be sensitive to people around them, and address their complaints fairly. Do not make it a racist issue. Everyone is annoyed by endless barking at 2am, and nobody likes their children getting chased by dogs on the way back from school, regardless of race.

There are situations where animals should be sent to sleep. Should that situation occurs, try your utmost to use a humane method (throwing them into a fast flowing river is not). If you cannot afford to send animals to be euthanized by a qualified vet, kill them softly and gently.

I will end with this: MEATS ARE DELICIOUS. It’s ok to kill animals for food. They are dumb anyway…hahaha…fuck PETA


One Response to Little Red Drowning Hood

  1. abdullah says:

    People keep big, hostile dogs the same way that people cartoon turbaned monsters: they are frightened and threatened in ways that outsiders don’t understand.

    I actually encouraged fellow coreligionists at a masjid to buy danish products to fight the boycott. Didn’t go very far, did it now?

    Whenever I drop by KL I’m always uneasy that people don’t take the time to chat with their neighbors on a daily basis. Is there something about living in the suburbs of a metropolis that we pretend nothing happens permanently? Truly Asia.

    Just not worth pursuing. Is it?

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