Selamat Hari Raya to all

Poem written by my good friend Dr. Yunus Yasin:


Salams All,

On this day of Eid we hope for a continued striving to be with God in close proximity,

Which some of us may have tried to accomplish in the last month which is now history,

Being locked away in our soon to be distant memory,

In a world that seems to move with much speed and fluidity,

But the deed has been written in a record preserved for eternity,

Kept safe in a vault with constant security,

In the ever-lasting kingdom with no borders or boundary,

Which we hope will one day be read to us in perfect dignity,

But for now we try to celebrate Eid with simple humility,

With hopes of one day meeting the Ever Present Almighty,

So he may shower us with his boundless generosity,

Taken from his infinite realm of His treasury,

Treasury filled with gifts of magnificence mystery,

Treasures that enriches like the rain which brings life even to the most barren territory,

And we also ask that he would have granted our parents forgiveness and fruitful longevity,

The parents who had given us the best part of their lives so we may live in better prosperity,

This is our prayer to all with heartfelt sincerity,

And that one day our body mind and soul maybe in perfect unity,

For a healthy body with a clear mind and a contented heart are the true gifts from His infinite bounty,

Gifts that do not fade away or become rusty,

Simple lesson we have tried to learn in the last month we claim to be holy,

Which has come to past ever so quickly,

Lesson not learnt perhaps in a world if we choose to fill it with stupidity,

For the intelligent will submit to the signs which they can see in absolute clarity,

That all we see in this world has no real continuity,

That there is no power but the Owner and Master of infinity,

And that one day we return to where we came from originally,

For which we have nothing to worry,

If we accept His mercy in its entirety,

Surely we should always be happy,

But Alas, for now Eid Mubarak to you and family,

And May Allah guide us always to His mercy,

For the Lord of Mercy is seldom angry,

The prayer of travellers lost in this short journey,

The journey to the final and only sanctuary,

Where hearts find peace and everlasting felicity.

Where our needs and wants are no longer the priority,

Competition and consumption no longer a necessity,

To which end we strive to the best of our ability,

Which we hope to strive with continued vigour and vitality,

But we are not being with power or immortality,

Nor do we have in this world true authority,

And thus we ask of a good end written in our destiny,

To be delivered with God’s agency,

To be judged fairly but with some leniency,

For we are beings with many faults and deficiency,

There is no hope for us without His clemency,

And so a true heart cries for forgiveness for all humanity,

And keeps busy with acts of kindness even if done simply,

To have in all its work utmost integrity,

With true acts of ‘ibadat’ that pulls it to Him like the pervading force of gravity,

Perhaps this is the true meaning of our existence in this galaxy,

And with this come near the end of this rather long litany,

Or some may call a sad excuse for poetry,

Forgive us for it was not written in brevity,

Eid Mubarak ‘Taqaballahu minna wa minkum’ and may the Lord of the Universe envelope you with His love with great intensity,

A prayer we ask that He will make a reality,

For ‘cannot’ to such requests is surely not present in His vocabulary,

Since to him belongs all sovereignty,

Something to think about as we return to the normal routine daily,

As time passes us by like Einstein’s theory of relativity,

Until the next blessed month which we hope would reveal to us His glory,

If He keeps us alive to tell another story,

After which may our life read like a good book for other to learn from each of its entry,

Like the stories of prophets past which are nothing but legendary,

We celebrate Eid with hope of our intention and action continues with consistency,

And we do not return to complacency,

For surely with His grace this can be a possibility,

This simple truth not hidden from us in secrecy,

And now we are coming to the real end of this writing if you had not stopped reading already,

The end is arriving finally,

Alas I hope you were not in a hurry,

Sometimes it is beneficial to slow down and act gently,

But then again, no real end since all originates from the Mind of the Lord of Creativity,

Hey – Eid Mubarak everybody,

And please do accept my humble and heartfelt apology,

Whilst some may use the word sorry,

For any wrongdoings I may have incurred on you previously,

For I am weak in my words and action and piety,

And May Allah reward you for your act of forgiveness accordingly,

And may he stop me from any wrongdoings that may follow subsequently,

But we shall still ask Him to forgive us continuously,

End Mubarak to All – the day to celebrate our simple victory,

The triumph of good over evil although no yet conclusively,

The day of feasting with foods of all types and variety,

But please do not eat too much which may result in problems with the tummy,

And may this day and the ones to follow be just lovely,

And this is the end – really  🙂


4 Responses to Selamat Hari Raya to all

  1. Khoon Yu says:

    Selamat Hari Raya, Suhaimi! Have a good one.

    P.S. I like how selamba you are during the shitstorm. Seems like passion can swing both directions – 400+ irrational comments is enough proof of one direction. I must say, apart from agreeing with you, that the shitstorm was too funny to handle. LOL.

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  3. hana says: kna hntr ptndingan poem hri rya..klau tak kbrtan boley encik mmberi sdikit tnjuk ajar mcm mna nk buat poem mcm encik.Tima kasih

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