Fields Medal 2010

A slightly old news update for my fellow math enthusiasts:


Four winners of the 2010 Fields Medal announced

There is no such thing as the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, but fortunately the field of math dishes out its own top honors every four years, bestowing the prestigious Fields Medal on two to four researchers. (Unfortunately for mathematicians, the cash prize attached to the Nobels is a far sight bigger.)

Four 2010 Fields Medalists were announced August 19 at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Hyderabad, India: Cédric Villani of the Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris, Stanislav Smirnov of the University of Geneva, Ngô Bao Châu of the University of Paris XI, and Elon Lindenstrauss of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Read more at SciAm


Congratulations to all winners, and thanks for your contributions to mathematics.

I do not have any comment regarding the winners since I am not really familiar with their work. Terry Tao, who has plenty of intelligent things to say about everything math, explains the works of the winners here.

I just like to mention that I met Smirnov during IMO 2009 in Bremen, Germany. He is one of the six plenary speakers for the 50th IMO anniversary celebration. The six speakers were former IMO contestants who had gone on to great successes in their mathematical careers. The other five speakers were fellow Fields medallists Tim Gowers, J.C. Yoccoz and Terry Tao, IMU President László Lovász and Cambridge mathematician Béla Bollobás. Coincidentally, Lovász and Bollobás both work in combinatorics and are both Hungarian.

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