Anybody can confirm that this works?


2 Responses to Anybody can confirm that this works?

  1. unknown says:

    lol dude, i’ve juz read a post u made last year bout arithmetic

    “In fact, mental arithmetic is NOT mathematics”

    gotta hand it to ya, that’s one *inane* statement. it’s like sayin’ abbreviation aint english lol. funny eh?

    we could delve into the definition of maths, perform the required comparative analysis but i reckon snobbery can be quite potent in delimiting ur cognitive capacity.

    the thing is, mental arithmetic is a juz an encoded system of numbers to make the act of peforming the operation faster. like knuth’s up arrow notation. it’s used to deal with very large numbers. the encoded element has its own way of dealin’ with each operation like x / + – and what not.. and once this has been achieved, the calculation can be decoded back to our popular base 10, if need be.

    i do agree that the skill can be overrated at times. most of the maths specialization that astound field medalist like number theory, combinatorics and what not, got nothin’ much to do with arithmetic.

    mental arithmetic aint useless tho. can be quite handy at times and it aint hard. havin’ a polaroid vision ’bout the whole thing gonna make u sound pretty emo imo, far from intellectual, but who cares aite? hehe

    i suggest u widen ur knowledge on maths before dissin’ other form of maths. so yeah, u train newbies for the olympiads. wanna play with the big guys? hehe do a phd in maths part time maybe?

    to sum up, dont be a snob aye. u dont hv much to brag about. 😛

  2. suhaimiramly says:

    A stupid comment which doesn’t make any sense. Budak hingusan mana nih

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