1. This morning, I attended a breakfast meeting organized by the Malaysian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTCCI), a trade association that was set up to encourage bilateral trade and investments between both countries. I didn’t know that Malaysia-Turkey trade volume is actually quite high, but it makes sense because Turkey is a major exporting country for textiles, machinery and metal products.

The MTCCI also organizes cultural and educational events for students and the general public.

This is a networking event, where I got to meet Turkish businessmen and investors. The hosts are very gracious, and the turkish breakfast they served us is quite good. They invited us to join one of their business trips to Istanbul next year. Have to check my schedule.

2. Later, I went to the 5th ICMHESR (Islamic Conference of Ministers for Higher Education and Scientific Research) at KL Convention Centre. This is a conference attended by mostly old and boring people from Arab and African countries, listening to old and boring speakers from Arab and African countries talking about scientific research, so I skipped the conference altogether and go to the exhibition next door, where educational institutions are showcasing their latest brouhaha. The exhibition is not much better — 75% of the booth space is occupied by MOE and MOHE, and the rest by Malaysian private colleges.

I met cikgu Hazman, my old buddy who is now teaching at SDAR, Seremban. The students from SDAR are exhibiting their contraption which won some Formula One-related competititon organized by Petronas a few years back. Also met one of the student exhibitors who is applying to MIT next year. I took the opportunity to conduct his MIT Interview shortly before lunchtime.

3. ArdentEdu is organizing our Math Olympiad Prep Course in KL and Penang during this school holiday. Please find more details, including the information pack, at the “Courses” page.

4. This Saturday, PERSAMA is organizing the IMO 2011 Selection Test for 100 selected students. The tests will be administered in UiTM Shah Alam (for KL, Negeri Sembilan, and Melaka), UTM (for Johor), UMT (for East Coast), and USM (for Penang, Kedah, Perlis, and Perak). From this test, 30 students will be selected to attend the IMO 2011 Training Camp in December. I will drop by UiTM Shah Alam to see the students taking the test, but I have to get back to KL by noon because of another invitation. My fellow MIT alumnus, Azhar Mustapha, of Nervesis Sdn. Bhd., is having a housewarming party for his new house. Looking forward to meet other MIT alumni there.

5. We FINALLY got a fax line (why so slow TM?) after many months of waiting and many angry phonecalls to TM customer “service”. Our new fax number is 03-4149 0572, which will be shared by all Aidan Group companies for the time being.

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