Mula-mula baca entry saya yang lepas:

Terapi Magnet itu Kelentong

Kemudian baca entry ini oleh Aidid Muaddib:

Smack down

There are more entries like this, just search his blog.



2 Responses to Smackdown

  1. bashir says:

    aku cukup minat baca benda2 mcm nih. mungkin aku ni ‘typical melayu’ yg kuat dengki dgn ‘kejayaan’ saudara melayu yg lain

  2. JT says:

    Simply love it when you illustrate your points using pictures e.g. DING-DANG (Love it!) & SHITSTORM (Genius!)

    Hahaha keep it up bro.

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