mari naik shutter bus

Someone emailed me this screencap today (I don’t use IE)


5 Responses to mari naik shutter bus

  1. taufiq says:

    bas tu berantu mcm cerita shutter tu kot?

  2. garlicandbutter says:

    i like shutter bus yang heritage in colour with traditional touch!

  3. nur hani says:

    shutter or shuttle eh?

  4. asyanis says:

    shuttle lah.. nama dia ‘cas ligas’ which means after stop one place, then move to another place, without delay. something like that la..or lincah lebey kurang.

    the shape of the bus is inspired by malay traditional house – that explains the keranda bulky look. in a way, it looks funny, but hey, where else can you get a moving house? :p

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