How to Resign

Earlier today, someone asked me how to write a resignation letter.

Do you need to explain why you’re resigning? Do you need to express your regret? Do you need to wish good luck to your employer? Do you need to inform your employer what your next plan is? Do you need to suck up to your boss one last time, e.g. “if there is anything I could do to smooth the transition process, etc etc”? Do you need to put much thought into your resignation letter, like you do with other communications with your employer?

The answer to all of the above questions is “no”.

A resignation letter has one purpose and one purpose only: to tell your boss you are resigning. Anything else is extra fat.

This is the resignation letter that Presiden Nixon wrote to the then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger:

This is how a resignation letter should be like. Anything longer is just a waste of time.

Simple kan? No need to thank me.


2 Responses to How to Resign

  1. arra says:

    yup, anything else is extra juicy fat.

  2. you says:

    totally disagree. the guy was the president do you think he cares if he leaves on good or bad terms. wen leaving a company you must leave on good terms so a little explanation helps.

    you should do some research on how to resign!

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